Hugo Ball Would Have Critiqued David Bowie in the Same Way he Critiqued Dadaism

Hugo Ball died in 1927 at the age of 41.He was born in 1886. He was one of the founding members of the Dada movement (?) . . . do we call it so? Ball left the Zurich centered movement, revolving around the Cafe Voltaire in that city, citing that Dada and Dadaist antics were only flirtations with what was seriously wrong with European Bourgeois Civilization. Deeper troubles, of course. he was a savage critic of the German Intelligentsia,

Power does manage always all the time everywhere to give space for some amount of subversion to arise in order to control it. Our particularly virulent strain of the Bourgeois Capitalist virus allows the illusion of subversion to stand for actually subversive impulses. Nothing more evident of this than ____________ (whatever it is you imagine in this contemporaneity speaks Truth to Power instead of helping to keep it in the shadows, which of course is what most if not all of our rebellious impulses wind up achieving . . . ).

We really aren’t literate enough to see.



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