Being Wary of Russia Would Have Made Sense All these Years; or, Tirade, Diatribe and an Otherwise Imaginary Polemic [Flash Fiction]

The truth in short from a man who spent most of his formative years the son of one of America’s foremost Cold-warriors. Of course you know that it is a truth self-evident that is always better to be dead than to be red. Don’t think that Russia is not still a little red. 

Please don’t imagine that we should not be careful whenever dealing with Russia in any way anywhere at any time because we should, and this is not fear mongering or some knee-jerk conservative response to geopolitics as Putin would like to play it, map as chess board—please don’t imagine that we can be too careful. And please don’t imagine you understand Putin or Russians or Russia with your contemporary American acumen about history or European peoples; but also do not imagine that the Central Asians we have been using to gain leverage against Putin and Russia are anymore our friends than Russians are capable of, especially if they are Putinesque actors on the world political stage, that is, Putin’s people in their role as passive assenters to a refashioned old-line hegemony.


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Koch Bros. Exposed

Koch Bros. Exposed.

via Koch Bros. Exposed.

You have to watch this documentary. Koch Bros. assault on safety net, how they pay think tanks to create dread for the future, trying to convince us through echo chamber reporting, that Social Security is going bankrupt, when it has a 2.6 trillion dollar surplus. Raising the retirement age is another criminal suggestion by the Republicans, supported by the disinformation the likes of which would make the Kremlin proud.

Finland Surgically Removes Russia’s Offense

I do not know why there is such surprise at Russia’s weakness in the Olympics. Russia has not nor has it ever had a monopoly on producing the highest caliber hockey players in the world. The Soviet Red Army team were the bullies of international and olympic play. Iron Curtain refs let them get away with too many penalties and a lot of dirty play. Did you watch Kovalchuk and Radulov and Markov in these Olympics. Always behind the play, always when the refs are lookinbg the other way, elbows come up, sticks get used on ankles the back of the knees etc. Kvalchuk is 30 and left the NHL because he can’;t be a bully in NOrth America. In the NHL, Russians aren’t always the biggest players. In international play, Russian players are bullies. The Soviet Red Army team were professionals–no question. Lets call diamonds diamonds and clubs clubs. Paper Tiger. Russia is not the worst of International Hockey, but it is far far from the best, not even among the best. Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Canada, the US are all of them superior to Russian hockey.

Enemy of the People #1? [Flash Fiction]

An ornery man speaks in diatribe of something that pisses him off. Do you imagine that anybody should not be so pissed off as he gets in this diatribe that you are privy to here because it is as it is in the form it is in the context it has been presented by me an editor who has come across this piece written by a man in persona? I have decided to publish it because I believe it to be indicative of a serious undercurrent that no one wants to acknowledge let alone look at or for. The masks we wear; a mask he has worn; the mask I wear . . . we are all of us wearing masks on masks on masks outside as well as inside, inside on our selves, we have a plurality of selves we keep hidden or deny because we have had a mistaken idea about identity and wholeness, who we are, I am we, I know, have known, and not just in the way that I am We the People as you are We the People, et cetera, et cetera. A plural me I am; you are; he is, she is, everyone is. What then shall we do? 

We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, not a subservient collective so snot geniuses like Zeemann and other internet gangsters can falsely set prices like gangsters on booze during Prohibition, or real-estate agents, or banks on their junk bonds. What makes Visage worth 15 billion while only making around 30 million a year . . . close your accounts and cripple the behemoth. If a billion people did so; you could crash it—it wouldn’t even take that many. Why not do it just to see it happen, and see just how you can take back control. How is this not about exploiting the masses? How is it about exploiting the masses? And even if it is not about exploiting the masses, the overly inflated evaluation of his company, why not plunge his stock and do to him what greed and fraud and corruption did to Lehman Brothers. Zero, zero, zero–his stock evaluation is in your hands. We cannot get to where we believe Z-man responsible to the People for letting him make as much as he does because none of us wants to be responsible for our lives, or have any obligations; this irresponsibility has masqueraded as freedom for so long as to have become the only definition of freedom we articulate. And the People do allow him—the fact that his head is not put in a guillotine suggests that to me. And no amount of money can keep any group of men committed to revolutionary change from murdering his wife and children before his eyes, kept opened like Alex during the Ludovico treatment; another version in the cause of the People in their struggle against Power and Money and scumbag government helping them along; we should not forget the Media elite as well. How many rifles are there in America? Five-hundred times inflated; there is no amount of value it provides to people worth that mark-up. It’s another kind of shell game that has an adverse affect on the economy—what he provides even in services cannot match that figure. His is the social media equivalent of where what the banks did with mortgage bonds brought us, and do not think otherwise. At least the oil gangsters provide you with heating oil for your homes or gas for your cars or planes or trucks; what the fuck does he provide that isn’t all about charade, three-card monty with another form of hop-scotch thrown in??????? Kill the fucker, chop his and his homely wife’s head off, I heard Jimmy Dolan say the other night at the bar after a game at Fenway where the Red Sox lost and some young twit was on his Visage page talking about the Red Sox having lost. And we hadn’t even had any whiskey; just the first few sips from pints of Guinness.

This is the end of the ornery man speaking, as is the persona in the piece written, as written, as if one were speaking at a bar over pints. I know the man. I know if he is serious or not; if he presents things ironically or satirically or not. I am not though going to tell you what I think or what I know. Those conclusions are for you to make. I just have to warn you not to fall into the fallacy of confusing the real world writer of this entry with me the editor or he the ornery man; just as you should not confuse the persona of writer that the real world person assumes for that persona the real world person assumes as publisher of this Review. If you do, you do so at your peril and the peril of your reputation as an intelligent person or sensitive reader, both of them other personas you could adopt separate from the one of Idiot you would become if you fell into the fore mentioned fallacies.