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Soul and Anti-Soul have a parallel energetic relationship with Matter and Anti-Matter; metaphysics and physics are parallel and mutually reciprocal.

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Enemy of the People #1? [Flash Fiction]

An ornery man speaks in diatribe of something that pisses him off. Do you imagine that anybody should not be so pissed off as he gets in this diatribe that you are privy to here because it is as it is in the form it is in the context it has been presented by me an editor who has come across this piece written by a man in persona? I have decided to publish it because I believe it to be indicative of a serious undercurrent that no one wants to acknowledge let alone look at or for. The masks we wear; a mask he has worn; the mask I wear . . . we are all of us wearing masks on masks on masks outside as well as inside, inside on our selves, we have a plurality of selves we keep hidden or deny because we have had a mistaken idea about identity and wholeness, who we are, I am we, I know, have known, and not just in the way that I am We the People as you are We the People, et cetera, et cetera. A plural me I am; you are; he is, she is, everyone is. What then shall we do? 

We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, not a subservient collective so snot geniuses like Zeemann and other internet gangsters can falsely set prices like gangsters on booze during Prohibition, or real-estate agents, or banks on their junk bonds. What makes Visage worth 15 billion while only making around 30 million a year . . . close your accounts and cripple the behemoth. If a billion people did so; you could crash it—it wouldn’t even take that many. Why not do it just to see it happen, and see just how you can take back control. How is this not about exploiting the masses? How is it about exploiting the masses? And even if it is not about exploiting the masses, the overly inflated evaluation of his company, why not plunge his stock and do to him what greed and fraud and corruption did to Lehman Brothers. Zero, zero, zero–his stock evaluation is in your hands. We cannot get to where we believe Z-man responsible to the People for letting him make as much as he does because none of us wants to be responsible for our lives, or have any obligations; this irresponsibility has masqueraded as freedom for so long as to have become the only definition of freedom we articulate. And the People do allow him—the fact that his head is not put in a guillotine suggests that to me. And no amount of money can keep any group of men committed to revolutionary change from murdering his wife and children before his eyes, kept opened like Alex during the Ludovico treatment; another version in the cause of the People in their struggle against Power and Money and scumbag government helping them along; we should not forget the Media elite as well. How many rifles are there in America? Five-hundred times inflated; there is no amount of value it provides to people worth that mark-up. It’s another kind of shell game that has an adverse affect on the economy—what he provides even in services cannot match that figure. His is the social media equivalent of where what the banks did with mortgage bonds brought us, and do not think otherwise. At least the oil gangsters provide you with heating oil for your homes or gas for your cars or planes or trucks; what the fuck does he provide that isn’t all about charade, three-card monty with another form of hop-scotch thrown in??????? Kill the fucker, chop his and his homely wife’s head off, I heard Jimmy Dolan say the other night at the bar after a game at Fenway where the Red Sox lost and some young twit was on his Visage page talking about the Red Sox having lost. And we hadn’t even had any whiskey; just the first few sips from pints of Guinness.

This is the end of the ornery man speaking, as is the persona in the piece written, as written, as if one were speaking at a bar over pints. I know the man. I know if he is serious or not; if he presents things ironically or satirically or not. I am not though going to tell you what I think or what I know. Those conclusions are for you to make. I just have to warn you not to fall into the fallacy of confusing the real world writer of this entry with me the editor or he the ornery man; just as you should not confuse the persona of writer that the real world person assumes for that persona the real world person assumes as publisher of this Review. If you do, you do so at your peril and the peril of your reputation as an intelligent person or sensitive reader, both of them other personas you could adopt separate from the one of Idiot you would become if you fell into the fore mentioned fallacies. 

The Momento Mori of a Pimp Fiction]

A diatribe found on the subway by the editor of The Commentarian Blog in the form of a spiral notebook entry printed in pencil, not HB, but much much darker, and I mean printed, not cursively written. It was dated the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination, “a day that should be commemorated by every lover of liberty, but not for the reasons you might imagine,” our anonymous polemicist said. The piece herein is presented in its facsimile form, photo copied and scanned and then uploaded here in The Commentarian’s Blog . . . we do wonder if this was written non the day it is purported to have been written, by the date line at the top of the page, or if it were written at another time, perhaps even as a fictional account, re-presentation, what else could we have in words to say what it would if this man were writing this as a fictional diatribe . . . we do not know.

Herein lies the piece as found by the Editor/Blogger-in-Chief of The Commentarian:

The fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s death should also cause us to remember that his “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” was a death knell for democracy in America. But being the boobs we are, that one goes over most heads. Try it. Ask if that does not sound like what we now have with government, Republican or Democrat doing little to nothing more for any of us, the People?

JFK was no old New Dealer with a conscience for service, no. His Presidency  marked the beginning of the end of government doing anything for the people, marked the beginning of the end of the People being central to what government is entrusted to do. This has been increasing over the last five decades until we have reached the moment in our history where government barely does anything at all for the Public who are the People in complete service of the State, let alone the People, who must remain separate from their role as a Public in order to remain the counterweight for the State.

This is what Kennedy meant by his “Ask not”; he wanted a State that controlled over the People . . . and fuck most of the scum-bag charlatans (andI did have a woman once ask me if it were appropriate to use scum bag as a term of derision for a woman; can a woman be a scum bag; thus, can a man be a bitch; both can be bastards [I have dispensed with the italicizing . . .]). So, what have I said, Hilary Clinton cannot be a scum bag? Donald Trump is certainly bitchy if he is not or cannot in fact be a bitch. No sense of service, no dedication to Truth, only corruption and not even a remote idea of what it would mean to do anything for The People–John F. Kennedy; the grand pimp of the White House.

Do we have a sense of what We the People even means? I doubt it. To commemorate his death as if a great champion of freedom had died is a travesty of Democracy, it is an absurdity paramount . . . John Kennedy had no moral center and no desire to serve the People. He had contempt for the people; the truly first Media President molded in the image of the image mongers, hawking the wares of their degraded ideas. I had a friend whose father recalled that the first words that passed his lips when he had heard that JFK was dead was “Good!”

Your conclusions are your responsibility; they are of your own consequence.

In Itself American: Alpha

We the people of the United States, in order . . .  ” yes, order. Order is the single rule of operation for any State, whether French, American, or Iranian; fascist, communist, Islamist; it does not matter.  Third world dictatorships or totalitarian regimes are not the only kinds of governments concerned for regulating its citizens and residents, our United States government no less than China’s.

The preferred result of any state’s practice is always a more perfect union, and the finishing point for any State would be for all who live within it, all the people governed by its administrators, to serve the state and only the state, as any or all bureaucrats understand, themselves standing firmly as managerial pillars supporting the fundamental tenet that the State must for certain and for always come before the people, that in all matters governmental, the State is Alpha and Omega.  These are dogmas heeded no less fervently than the dogmas of any organized religion are by the pious. States have their demands and bureaucrats their devotions.

These clerics of State, and every clerk is a cleric—they come together in one temper that expresses their function in the following way: everything we think, everything we do and all that we react to should be of, by and for the bureaucracy and the bureaucracy alone, in as much as we are the guardians of the State, the limit of life and reality for all who exist in the state, but bestly, for the state. Of course, Lincoln meant to say, of the State, by the State and for the State . . .

In as much as we in America systematically under educate at every turn in our standard public education, we are not likely to enlist bureaucrats with anything more than the typical less-than education we want; that is, the scarcely literate, and only the functionally so if that, is all anyone in the state will sponsor or to which anyone from within the State bureaucracies will aspire. Our current sense of literacy is the only kind the State considers fit for the Democratic averages, the great social en-masse, more liable to answer the Pavlovan bell of advertising than likely to discern critically; these are the masses accustomed to deciding political issues firstly and lastly if filtered through the sieve of mass media.

Now, as it seems in perpetuity, the State maintains as part of its internal policy of control a scheme of education whereby large numbers of students moving through its curriculum will in the last read no better than the eighth grade, which is the grade level considered by the federal government literate enough. This functional literacy, as the government of the United States calls it could not carry you through the most significant editorials of even the New York Times. It will allow you to handle most of the general reporting in almost any of America’s tabloid newspapers, and even a significant portion of the general reporting of the Washington Post or New York Times. Now whether or not what is contemporarily required to read at the eighth grade today is equal to or less than what was considered eighth grade reading twenty five or fifty years ago or seventy-five is not going to be determined within these pages; however, we do know that there are all of the years of high school beyond the eighth grade, so what have we established when we say that an eighth grade reading level is quite sufficient to perform functionally in society—or is it the functionary tasks of state we seek to replicate in our mass produced high school graduates? How has graduating from High School become an achievement when in New York City still more than half of its public high school graduates read below the 12th grade. Students are tested only up to the eigth grade; the state and the schools need not be accountable beyond there.

For us to utter with such pride, as we do in New York City about the numbers of high school graduates we have promoted in the last several years, when still nearly half graduate reading below grade, is example of one of our greatest delusions. But then an eighth grade reading level will allow you to handle bureaucratic literacy, the kind needed to manage the many forms and applications you will have to fill out through the course of your life, sometimes in triplicate, or simply a number not repeated but certainly insuring the appropriate redundancy, as if the mother of all bureaucracies in America was the military. A variation on this functional literacy has crept into our colleges, particularly at the community college level, but also in our baccalaureate programs.

I noted this kind of programmatic educating from the allegedly kinder and gentler teachers at a Community College in Brooklyn, where there was an enforced mediocrity from the governing administration, to the point that if any adjunct lecturer had ever gotten his students to pass the CUNY ACT exam at a percentage rate nearly double that of the CUNY average, then he or she came under fire from above, firstly, and most likely, for being too teacher centered, whatever that is supposed to mean. But those who use this cliche–another of our received ideas about pedagogy that has only allowed us to systematize failure and ensure a pervasive mediocrity in our students ability to read and write critically–are only too quick to oppose anything that will not keep 2 out of every 3 students in remediation failing the exam they need to take the composition courses they most certainly need to graduate, but finish their course of study more effectively. Through this system of failure we achieve a kind of intellectual mendacity that is difficult for any individual teacher to stand up against when the consensus–when the overarching majority of teachers in the Community Colleges all agree to the contrary. My students were paying at a percentage rate of around 70%. The CUNY average was around 34%. There had to be something wrong with the pedagogy, if I could do this in my classes; so, the only response from administration was not reward but vilification. But at the time of my inquest, the Chairperson of the department was someone with a surname made famous or infamous by Sinclair Lewis.

Help! Help! Help! {Flash Fiction}

A comment to an entry in a blog of a website dedicated to political commentary.

Why we continue to hope against hope, judging black men by a different set of standards than we do others . . . one extreme to another. Obama has proven no less corrupt than any other white politician has been. The time of equality has arrived?

A diatribe written as a comment to a blog entry criticizing the President for what people usually criticize presidents for, only without the balanced rhetoric that might make it closer to what is true, rather than what rings true for one person in his vehement dislike for the President–something I could not myself muster, have not been able to no matter how much like every other president I have disliked he has been–and which president I have liked these last forty years I cannot say, would not be able to say because he does not exist–and this is the point. If we are going to say that Obama has not been any less corrupt than any white president, then perhaps we need to say as well that he has not been any more corrupt. But then this jumps the gun, does it not, saying ahead of time what has been said, and I now have no idea why anyone would even read what I have included here. Unless, of course, I put it after the entry, which I now have [I purposely left this entry worded as I had worded it before I shifted the position of the blog-comment quote], and so now you can disregard what I have written about this being ahead of what was written, or what I have herein quoted from a comment posted to a blog entry that criticizes the President heavily and that means heavy handedly. The comment herein attached can only be found on cached pages as the website for which this comment was a reply to, the blog of this website, does not exist any longer. What more can I say on this?