Soul & Anti-Soul

A new political metaphysics.


The soul of the people and the anti-soul of the governmental administrators are mutually exclusive entities metaphysically as well as being antagonistic players in any drama performed physically in society.  They share little to nothing in common, cannot endure for long the existence of the other.  They are as close to matter and anti-matter in physics as any two things could be.  

 Politicians as we know them today, inside any sense of democracy anyone might hold in whatever variety that has been possible throughout history, are not interested in the advancement of literacy, no.  Advanced literacy is not even favorable for any serious political campaign, and that’s serious about getting elected.  Even a campaign as seemingly mostly about ideas as was Barack Obama’s, an elevated literacy was not the prime question–the populus was never to read his speeches, but listen to the ringing oratory in his phrases, the rhythm of his…

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The world is fast becoming one kind, even if we have yet to raise our ethical consciousness to the level where we can see clearly the oneness of our human kinship.   Yet, the scarriest thing I noted in Paris the last time I was there was how much like everywhere else even Paris is becoming.  Every city in the world an island in the American Bourgeois Capitalist Archipelago, a chain of Post-post Modernist American Islands in a sea of everywhere else.

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