Intelligent people can come from anywhere. Stupid ones do come from everywhere. The Democratic ideal has been abdicated in favor of a pluralistic one, a hallmark of twentieth century politics everywhere, certainly; a current politique in favor among a broad spectrum of college educated administrators and fellow paper pushers (paper in the ether?) managing America's … Continue reading Pluralism


National Coffee Day [Flash Fiction]

Every day is coffee day for me. Just be around when I realize I have forgotten to get coffee the day before. I love my espresso machine. Even though the first espresso machine in the world was in Naples Italy, I do not feel any special affinity for espresso coffee because my father's mother's family … Continue reading National Coffee Day [Flash Fiction]

The Words of an Anonymous Man on the nature of News and Propaganda [Flash Fiction]

Some words on news and propaganda or news as propaganda by a man not so unlike any other man, but a man as different from every other man as any man could be, each man unique in the entire history of human being, no one now or who has ever lived or who will ever … Continue reading The Words of an Anonymous Man on the nature of News and Propaganda [Flash Fiction]

Glass Houses and the Stones in Hand [Flash Fiction]

An expositor writes a piece about facts, figures, numerals and percentages of populations in relation to the numbers bandied about for rhetorical/political effect, and perhaps how they can be used, have been used, what they say or do not say, much the way photographs say what we want them to say by either looking or … Continue reading Glass Houses and the Stones in Hand [Flash Fiction]

Meta-painting? [Flash Fiction]

A fragment of a conversation had among friends at the Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia a couple of decades ago after a day at the Cezanne Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum. The fragment is from one friend who suggested that they go to the Dock Street Brewery to eat and drink.  The unpainted patches in … Continue reading Meta-painting? [Flash Fiction]

Another Thinking [Flash Fiction]

What has he said? I could ask. Have I said? Said how difficult it is to say what another is thinking when this other says nothing, remains mute--what do we know about another? Each of us does have to look inside--this state of anotherness makes other like me.  How difficult it is to know what we … Continue reading Another Thinking [Flash Fiction]

To Cover or not to Cover [Flash Fiction]

To self-publish or not to self-publish, that might be a question for some, but not for many in our overly self-indulgent culture--solipsists, all of us? If I were Scarlett O'Hara, I'd consider this tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, but creeping along in petty paces before I decide to publish one of my many books of … Continue reading To Cover or not to Cover [Flash Fiction]

Semi-literate is Semi-illiterate

Semi-literacy infers semi-illiteracy and it is the latter that is growing, not just in the number of persons who are semi-literate, but in the average degree of semi-illiteracy in the simple separate person; the inability to read having become painstaking in how the average retail manager handles policy in his or customer service. Simple transactions … Continue reading Semi-literate is Semi-illiterate

Only the Mountains and Bureaucracy Last Forever

Obama's argumentative postures aside, no one with any historical acumen can think the Nazis in Germany or the Fascists in Italy or Castro in Cuba got rid of all bureaucrats.  No totalitarian regime or coup d'etat by whatever petty dictator ever got rid of the bureaucrats that were working before the blow to state.  The horror … Continue reading Only the Mountains and Bureaucracy Last Forever

Obama, O! Bankers, Again to their Gain (a reissue)

  [A Reissue of an Older Critique of American Government] Bureaucracy is not something apart from bureaucrats; that's a sleight of hand bureaucrats perform more expertly than any dealer in a game of three-card-monty. Any magician would pay to perform with the straight face of your local bureaucrat, or our great and trusted President Obama.  … Continue reading Obama, O! Bankers, Again to their Gain (a reissue)

Evidence of things not seen?

Politics has a metaphysics; all topics of discussion do.  Metaphysics is not only a discussion of reality, or philosophers spinning their wheels, or an intellectual endeavor equal to hypothesizing how many sprites could fit on the head of a pin, but what is ultimately real.  Metaphysics has veracity beyond the cloudy vision with which most … Continue reading Evidence of things not seen?

Rights, Privileges, Liberty

Liberty without responsibility is a privilege, not a right. Rights are manifest in liberty and equality. Where privileges reign instead of rights, often made to masquerade as rights, a system of inequality and the lack of liberty exists. Rights flourish with respect where equality is a primary condition of all social relationships. Rights carry responsibilities; … Continue reading Rights, Privileges, Liberty

Heaven and Earth [Flash Fiction]

"Sartre's reversal of what we had called traditional metaphysics does not require us to disband with metaphysical questions. To state propositionally that existence precedes essence is in itself a metaphysical question," he said, a man not so unlike any other man who might say something like what has been said here, as I think I … Continue reading Heaven and Earth [Flash Fiction]