Totalitarian Capitalist America

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Centralized government is not a necessary requirement of a totalitarian government. Totalitarianism can manifest in a society with a government as structurally de-centralized as ours, or should I say, nominally de-centralized rather than structurally? However, centralization has been the hallmark of American governmental  moves, although, policies and programs run through the federal government or with federal oversight, or with federal monetary support is not exactly what I mean by centralization; however, it does become the fixed point in most American critique of American liberal reforms, or any attempts from government policy to manage or influence or sponsor a change in social behavior; nonetheless, American conservative critique of what they call in their multiplicity of confusion, and confusing rhetoric, Big Government not withstanding my critique of totalitarianism in America, government does want the People to become wholly and exclusively a Public.

The single most frequently present denotation for Totalitarianism remains “subservience…

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Action, Reaction, the Synthetic Fabric of Reform in America

Anyone who imagines that the Protestant Reformation was a liberal revolution, was about being at liberty, is seriously mistaken. There was not one Protestant reformer that was not reactionary. They were inordinately conservative movements, with conservative motives and impulses. The Puritans in America were anything but about freedom as we might want to understand it … Continue reading Action, Reaction, the Synthetic Fabric of Reform in America

Alain Vigneault is the gift that keeps on giving

Battle Of Hudson

c-nbgxtxuaanak_ Perplexing decisions by coach Alain Vigneault didn’t help the Rangers win Game 2. Neither did the play of some of his players. AP Photo via Getty Images courtesy NYRangers.

Just when you think he’s finally figured it out, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault does something that makes no sense at all. The prevailing thought on his successful stint here is that he’s a very good coach who’s guided the team to its only Stanley Cup trip since ’94 and within a period of consecutive appearances.

In the fourth year of an original five-year contract that pays him $2 million per season, Vigneault has done a very good job. It’s hard to argue with his success behind the Ranger bench. In four years, he’s won 192 games leading the Rangers to four straight postseasons. They’ve had a lot of success making deep runs while winning a President’s Trophy. His .628 winning…

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