The Mask He Wears [Flash Fiction]

The 'we' you find anywhere in my essays is the conventional editorial we, the we of most social commentary, the we that sets before it, as a rhetorical strategy, you and I, not solely the collective plural. I am not separate from you, another form of the I and thou we all need to understand … Continue reading The Mask He Wears [Flash Fiction]


What Then Should This Title Be? [Flash Fiction]

A Printed Copy of a Download from a Website by an Editor-in-Chief of another Web Journal Dedicated to Being a High Literary Review   I came across this from a friend who was present at the cafe meeting called by his Editor-in-Chief. My friend has for some time now been considering leaving the web journal … Continue reading What Then Should This Title Be? [Flash Fiction]

Double Homicide? [Flash Fiction]

Charging someone with double homicide for killing a pregnant woman is an anti pro-choice ploy to get us conditioned to accepting a fetus as someone with rights independent of the mother. A bar tender does not have the right to refuse a pregnant woman a drink. Refusing a pregnant woman a drink in a bar … Continue reading Double Homicide? [Flash Fiction]

Death is not Dying [Flash Fiction]

She says my soul is her blank slate, a clay tablet for her to impress. She passes through my heart again, what she isn't sure she believes. I call out her name in my dreams. I wake waiting for her to respond. She continues to hammer her tacks into my head. I ask her to stop. She says I never listen. jvr

Pro-Choice is an Argument Broad and Variegated

Pro Choice is Pro Freedom; this is self-evident. The right to choose is a human right; this too is a truth undeniable, unless one wishes to argue in favor of tyranny, oppression and general inhumanity. Human Rights are Women's Rights, universally and unilaterally. With respect for the self-evidency of the former truths, a woman's rights … Continue reading Pro-Choice is an Argument Broad and Variegated

What Profits the Prophet in his Prophecy?

The prophet's message is prophecy. What profit in the prophet's message? The medium is the message, no? The prophet's message has been mediated by the divine. Mary is a prophet of Christianity. Islam and Judaism do not have their women prophets? Is this true? Mary is contacted by Gabriel. She is told what we repeat … Continue reading What Profits the Prophet in his Prophecy?

Journals, Journeys and Jonnycakes [Short Fiction of a Kind]

I used to make corn meal pancakes when I was younger and still in love with corn muffins. In fact, I used to make the batter for muffins only a tiny bit thinner or sometimes the same consistency to pour onto a hot cast iron frying pan greased with butter. The medial 'r' disappearing in … Continue reading Journals, Journeys and Jonnycakes [Short Fiction of a Kind]

Now and Then

Now and then, here and there, in and out; binary inclusion, exclusion, dynamic duality rather than static dichotomy?


All writing has immediacy, an unavoidable presentness about it, and what I say here in words on a page (printed for easy reading because my handwriting is shit), is in the moment then and now, past and present in simultaneity.

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Standardized Tests and Privilege Systems

We cannot continue to pander to our corrupting need for ease--the manner by which we turn simplicity into the simplistic is also the one that turns from necessary complexity because we misunderstand this complexity to be complication. I do not want to sound like some reactionary nut who is going to spout the virtues, if … Continue reading Standardized Tests and Privilege Systems

Art Must Be Useless

I wish I knew how to say more than I do about what I should say--and there are shoulds, regardless of how much the adolescent in us wants desperately to cling to the idea that there are no shoulds, another vain attempt at dismissing standards of quality to insure, although falsely, that everyone can be an artist, … Continue reading Art Must Be Useless

Literacy Means Civilized

Why do we imagine that an overall decline in literacy, the fact that almost half of our high school graduates leave high school reading below or seriously below 12th grade, does not affect every single job performed day in day out everywhere in America? It affects how police, firemen, bank tellers, bus drivers, elementary and … Continue reading Literacy Means Civilized

The Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh

Reading John Lahr's lucid, eloquent, articulate, informative, revelatory, endearing, passionate, loving, measured, beautiful, literary biography of Tennessee Williams and am loving it, enjoying it, treasuring it, waiting for it night in and night again, or day in day out on the train, on a bench by the bay near my home looking out over to … Continue reading The Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh

The Essays Speak for Themselves (a preface to a collection of essays by an essayist who signs his work, “The Essayist”) [Flash Fiction]

If The Essays speak for themselves, then who or what does Montaigne speak for, yes, a question begotten not made of the inquiry into what an essay does, what the essays do, have done, can continue to do for those who read them, from among those who read, and the inference must be clear that there is a … Continue reading The Essays Speak for Themselves (a preface to a collection of essays by an essayist who signs his work, “The Essayist”) [Flash Fiction]