What Profits the Prophet?

Prophetic? What means this thing, prophecy, to be propheetic? Is it a to be or not question? Do I choose to be prophetic, or does the prophecy choose the prophet? Perhaps the latter. Is there divine intervention, or is it a divine inspiration, or is it the hand of God moving the actor as you do a pawn? Moses was the vessel, was he not. Mohammed was the vessel. What then was the incarnation? This was something else, was it not. Issa is a prophet of Islam; Jesus is the incarnation of the Son of God, begotten, not made, before Time and Creation. I have neither the time, or the patience or the inclination to explain this to Jews or Muslims, the most intelligent of them will only persist in dis-understanding, Misunderstanding of this is easier to avoid than you allow yourself to imagine. What profit, though, is in the prophet’s message? None, we should say. All profits are reviled in their beginnings. The medium is the message–what does that mean?

Mary is a prophet of Christianity. Islam and Judaism do not have their women prophets, but prophets they do have? Mary is contacted by Gabriel. She is told what we repeat in the Ave Maria. I have said this before. The “Hail Mary” is the message, the medium is Gabriel who announces to her that she is with child, a child through the intermediacy of the Holy Ghost. Prophecy is supposed to be a divine message; does evil have its prophets? I imagine it does. I recall from youth, the folklore of the Devil that had trickled down to us, something about how the Devil has his followers, his disciples, his gospels and his prophets. Where do we find these prophets of Satan–and I do not have to be speaking literally for this to have validity or veracity. The prophets of Satan would be from among those people we look to for leadership, for guidance, for help, for education–the prophets of Satan would be from among the monied elite, the power elite, the influence elite and the elite authority. The movers and shakers (as we like to say in our love of cliche) of power, influence and authority are all of them backed by and held up by Money, Money and more Money. All of their efforts are for money and for the greater good of the rich because government now is a government of the elite, for the elite and by the elite. All elites work for the elite because there are no more illusions that the elite need to help the People; noblesse oblige is unnecessary because we have been taught and told repeatedly, from JFK to Obama, that we must not ask what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country because the elite have gotten wiser for themselves and have managed to sell us down river with the idea of Self-reliance. But power and money make sure that this remains our greatest delusion, a carrot before the mules into which all men and women have been made.

These prophets of Satan can be heard on television, on the internet, in the tabloids and on the op-ed pages of our foremost newspapers. They are in the editorials themselves and come across the media every morning, every evening and every night with the proxies and mandates of the elite that have a strangle hold on what used to be a Free Press, a Free Media–but maybe that has always been a joke power and money have enjoyed at our expense. They are in the government, on your city councils, in your state houses, in the White House itself, and in Congress; they are in the State Department, in Facebook, in Yahoo, in Google, in Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft; they are on Wall Street, they are in the print and broadcast Media, or those 15 or so conglomerates that control all the news that is fit for Elite Propaganda. They are in Sports, they are in Universities and Public Schools. They are in every market everywhere where the soap boxes support preachers of the gospel of State over the People, government and profit before people. The message is clear. God has become Mammon; Mammon is God.




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