Something Less than Democracy

Every day the same as every other day. Every day different from every other before to come. Who will bear change, is it possible to change? Will is not something The United States’s government manages except in the Public good, the Public will; the State always contrary to the very best in me, opposing the People in favor of what it packages as a Public, The Public. We might wonder if We the people are weighty enough to counterbalance the State (the capital ‘S’ is necessary here). We should wonder this more often, not wonder in the sense of remaining puzzled in perpetuity, as we like to conclude today, but wonder as in the sense that all philosophy begins in wonder, if we want to recall and take advice from Kierkegaard. We too often abdicate our  responsibility for  being one of the People, a role we misunderstand, a word we too frequently use as a synonym for Public. Our density as a People is significant in the possibilities of the People becoming a counterbalance for the weight of the State. The word People in this sense should always be capitalized. The State, though, will always reward you for abdicating your popularity in favor of publicity, publicity only the marketing of popularity. The popularity of an actor is always managed by publicity agents; any politician’s popularity transformed into campaign publicity by the same people. No one saw the man Obama or McCain in O 8,  or Obama or Romney in ’12. Dead and buried each of them in layers of the political for too long. Where are the People in our elections; there seems to be only a State serving Public on display, on parade.

We need numbers today to advance our ethics; that is, our ethics are numerical, a new brand of addition and subtraction that quantifies right and wrong, political good, bad politics. There are no longer any qualitative understandings of our politics and our politicians. We can only add in our ledger books to tell what’s right and wrong, good and bad, free or not free, appropriately democratic or not. The scariest part of our descent into a maelstrom of political mysticism–and anything opposed to rational politics is mysticism–is how we have abdicated thinking for feeling in politics; and we puzzle over how we could have one demagogue after another ad President of the United States. What we have in place of political rationalism today is just what I have herein expressed as them opposite or contradiction of rationalism, mysticism. Yes, mysticism is the antithesis of rationalism.  We do not understand the century that gave us our nation birth, that gave her ideas, ideology, intelligence, core of what is best in our politics, all of these coalescing as form in thought. We better understand the century last or better put, the Century of Murder, the suffering of one political mysticism or another, every brand of industrially mechanized totalitarian control: we seem best able to perpetuate torture and murder spread around the world in several forms familiar to historians:  Fascism, Nazism, Maoism, Reactionary Zionism, Communism, Americanism, totalitarianism, fanaticism of one branded psychosis or another, et cetera. One ism after another in a long parade of political corruption and oppression. If you imagine, for example, that we live in a free society whose information is organized by a free press, think again.  The American media, print and broadcast is reactionary and supportive of Zionist aggression and Zionist crimes against humanity, and this is not an opposition to the State of Israel or the right of existence for a Jewish state. The Press in America, though, is often a propaganda organ of the monied and power elite; and there are a number of the monied elite and the power elite in America who are Zionist, whether they be Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Jewish.

Obama has been supported by Wall Street as perhaps no other President–at least no other Republican President, who themselves have the Oil Gangsters behind them.  Wall Street wanted to take hegemony away from the oil gangsters supported by Bush and Cheney, a mutual support where Republicans support oil and oil supports Republican candidates. Obama was the truth too horrible to believe,  though; he became the lie big enough to sell: how our endemic racism lead us to conclude that Obama had to be for the little human because he was black, is black. We also should examine more closely how our media responds to race, manipulates race, the ideas of race and racism, and you will see just how Obama being for you and for me could be sold to the American people. Obama’s Presidency is Wall St wearing black face, and we don’t see that, which is troubling, and the fact how this assertion will be misread and misconceived will continue the point of our trouble. We miss how Obama’s presidency is in effect, a minstrel show, the monied elite wearing black face to sell the idea that power is benign and not malignant, that money is kinder and gentler–something Bush Senior tries to sell but couldn’t. Obama’s presidency is a form of minstrel show much the way Rap is a packaged minstrel show more acceptable to current delusions and received ideas on race, or what it means to be authentically black. One or another form of “gangsta” is one or another new stereotypes for the renewed and revised Minstrel Show, blacks wearing new black face. Most of the writers of color and ethnic flavor, themselves processed by American MFA programs so they can then be paraded around as shining examples of our multicultural society, have missed the point too.

Why do we get the politicians we get, the Presidents we suffer, and we do suffer our Presidents, don’t we? Looking in the mirror is not enough; reading mainstream American fiction, by whomever the writer, will certainly divert the eyes. The mainstream press will only deliver the latest propaganda from money or power–news is beholding to sponsors. TV news is even more horribly insipid than the press. The Mr. Williams’s fiasco is directly correlative with a society that no longer believes in Truth and has persisted in assaulting the validity of minor ‘t’ truths, whereby we live under an imposed dogma of doubt where knowledge is impossible. Mr Williams could not tell what was true or not having abandoned his commitment to Truth long ago by being power and money’s Talking Head. Examine our guiding metaphysics, just what our epistemology is and how knowledge and what we know gets managed. This was the hallmark of Bolshevik corruption of Western Civilization–ironies in history are on parade. What then is our diversity other than a gross diversion ploy set by the establishment. Even Pulitzer Prize winning authors–especially Pulitzer Prize winning authors–can lie to us again as they help power to make space for their pseudo subversion to control all real subversion. And the People represent potential subversion to the State; any People anywhere in face of every State everywhere. They must be controlled by the State, or so the State maintains as its core protocol. Moat of the people I know and even like, who imagine they are somehow on the fringe of culture or social norms are idiotically conformist in one way or another but particularly in the manner and form in which they imagine they think, all corruptly managed by a media that is the puppeteer of Power and Money. 

Once presidential, the man Obama could not be different than any other man before him who had become President, and in the end we will see that he will have turned out a lot more similar to the likes of Reagan Johnson Nixon Clinton Bush than he will ever ever be like me or you, my African American sisters and brothers, or Asian or Hispanic or Italian or Irish or anything you might come up with in the categories of race, religion and ethnicity.  What does this say about the Office of the Presidency; it is a millennial office, truly the most powerful position on earth, closer to Caesar than anything remotely in imitation of Christ . . . to do would be something tangible, but what Presidents do best is be.  Become what we want, what we need, never any longer, a naive conviction from some, a debility of mental capacity in the most monstrous dimension from the rest of us.  What they are, our Presidents, their to be or not, is Presidential; to be Presidential or not to be Presidential, that is their only question.  And if ever the murder of American citizens were what it means to be Presidential, we would be dead in a heart beat, and that would be true for whomever were President: Obama, Bush, Johnson, Lincoln . . . the difference would be in how many, not in whether to or not. The corporate control in Washington has insured that something less than Democracy–or, other than, really–takes place. And we still imagine that the 2nd Amendment has no relevance. Never in our history has it had more, if only as a symbol of potential subversion by the People for the People.


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