Reducing Unemployment [short fiction]

Do States Accept Murder as a Means to Reduce Unemployment?


The Devil comes to you in the guise you need to see––why do imagine that Jesus does not do the same likewise? But then, why do you imagine the guise you need to see Him in is not one you are likely unaware of except on an unconscious level, one you are likely to see in symbols in your dreams?


Truth is diegesis, she said.

If so, I asked, what about exposition––what about fictional essays as bearers of Truth?


What is really behind DeBlasio’s elimination of stop-and-frisk? We could ask; I am now doing such: what is behind this seemingly pro-active support for civil liberty?

I know that most of us did believe and continue to think that Mayor De Blasio’s policy change in the matter of stop-and-frisk was motivated by a need to strike a chord for liberty and for equality.

It seemed then that he was, and it continues to seem now that he is, fighting endemic racism because the principal target was designed or in effect became young African-American males in areas of the highest incidence of civilian shootings, that is, as we correlate, murder.


Racism rearing its hideous visage in state policies, most heinously by police forces, was something De Blasio set himself the task of addressing even before he became Mayor.

How is it that we miss the fact that all policies are police measures of a kind, and that all police actions are themselves policies of the state, is another essay.


De Blasio’s motive is the question now, although pin-pointing that motive will be next to impossible.

What then do we ask? How then do we see his measures?

His new policies aimed at relieving tension and stress in African-American communities, especially with respect toward the policy of stop-and -frisk, has resulted, many believe, including the Manhattan Institute, in a rise in the city’s murder rate.


Were there African-American supporters of stop and frisk? I imagine there were. What were the rationales?

I am not naive enough to think that African-Americans can be represented monolithically. Now, if there were African-American supporters of stop-and-frisk, are there African-American detractors of De Blasio’s policies on how to police?

I am sure there are. Where are there voices? Do they not fit into the packaged ideas the media wants us to receive and swallow, in this instance, on just what race relations in America, particularly our urban centers, are?


What was De Blasio’s real motivation behind the elimination of stop-and-frisk? Hasn’t The Manhattan Institute just recently drawn a correlation between the rise in New York City’s murder rate–a rate significantly greater in the arc of its rise in African American communities than for the city as a whole–and the elimination of stop-and-frisk?

Is it true that stop-and-frisk had an impact on the decline of murder in the city as a whole and in African American communities specifically?

So then, beside naivety, what could have compelled Mayor De Blasio to eliminate stop-and-frisk?


Could the real reason behind DeBlasio’s elimination of stop-and-frisk be that State’s are always going to be wiling to accept murder as a way to reduce unemployment?

Could it be that instead of creating jobs to combat African American unemployment, we create a condition where more young African Americans are murdered?

If we can also do this while allowing the efforts, that is the new policies, to parade about in the cause of liberty, especially for minority groups, that is, people of color, all the better.

De Blasio uses freshman level introductory sociology and race studies to justify raising murder rates as an acceptable measure in the fight against unemployment, or so it seems to me.



The fact that virtually no one sees this as such only means to me how much most of the allegedly educated in our society are ruled by the received ideas disseminated by the media elite at the behest of the power or monied elite. That De Blasio can be hailed as a liberal defender of minority civil liberty at the same time he can employ traditional Statist methods for reducing unemployment by raising murder rates is a trick worthy of Old Scratch Himself.