Another Morning in Montauk

Me, a word I use in French sometimes, moi. The rays of the sun from behind the clouds one day on the beach lying and reading and sipping the beers we brought from our room, the beers that we bought yesterday in town, a summer ale, I think, or was it the Lobster Ale I'm thinking about. … Continue reading Another Morning in Montauk


Greed and the Margin of Self Absorption

Giving thanks is other than getting them. Do we give thanks or expect to get them? Do I? Have we? Which one when? To give rather than to get--this is the fundamental difference between forgiving and forgetting, the former a step in the spiritual path of redemption and transcendence. The latter is simply another step … Continue reading Greed and the Margin of Self Absorption

Mega Millions Update

It appears that the State has fixed its website. I can only hope that the previous post had something to do with it. Perhaps not. Perhaps so. I will flip a coin to find out; I will collect my five wining dollars today from yesterday's Mega Millions.

Mega Madness, New York State and Other Malevolent Designs Imagined in the Mind of One of Its Residents [Flash Fiction]

If you type Mega Millions into your address bar and click the Mega Millions link that pops up, you will be directed to a Mega Millions official page, only one that's been frozen at 11/4/14 for two weeks--two weeks. Why, you might ask, would the home page of the State of New York's official Mega … Continue reading Mega Madness, New York State and Other Malevolent Designs Imagined in the Mind of One of Its Residents [Flash Fiction]

Merrily or Merely Going Along

Government-management and state-education-department control over ESOL across the country have delivered to ESOL teachers the kind of protocols that do not necessitate educating or learning (not exactly the same thing, but related enough for both to be achieved without contrary effects), nor do they necessitate quality or experience be present in those who are hired. … Continue reading Merrily or Merely Going Along

Vox Populi (The Commentary of Blogger [a short-short story])

. . . and then she says: Now that street thugs have cell phones they are not going to destroy the new terminals for charging cell phones--what, they did not have quarters when the cost of a pay phone was twenty-five cents? Of course any fear of the dregs of our city destroying community property … Continue reading Vox Populi (The Commentary of Blogger [a short-short story])

Teaching, the State and Merrily Going Along

Letting bureaucrats manage pedagogy is a lot like letting them and lawyers manage health care. But, diatribes herein restrained, I know a woman who is currently in a position teaching ESOL where the new mandates from the state, and the newer administration where she is employed, have the program she works for under fire from … Continue reading Teaching, the State and Merrily Going Along

Totalities are Totalitarian [Flash Fiction]

Any-man not every man, that is Any Man is who should speak here; we are too far removed from the Medieval Everyman. How is it that we do not see that this is true here, there and everywhere, thus of course the rhetorically preferable anywhere. Bureaucracy is always pedantic and always impersonal. It only functions … Continue reading Totalities are Totalitarian [Flash Fiction]

Quantity Trumps Quality; Racism and the Privilege of Quotas

Non-profit or virtually non-profit organizations do not need to seek quality workers for any of their positions. Good-enough is the marker of determination, more specifically, what racial or ethnic quota can be filled from any of the semi-qualified to quantify that they are not racist or prejudiced, except in how many people of color they … Continue reading Quantity Trumps Quality; Racism and the Privilege of Quotas

Obama Cares; Reforms Policy on Deportation

Is Obama clutching at the reeds--we do think he is drowning, don't we? Are we to believe that the Obama Administration's rate of deportation--the highest in US history--was because there was staunch opposition to his more benevolent policy decisions that were not allowed to come to fruition???????? From the start, Obama came after immigrants with … Continue reading Obama Cares; Reforms Policy on Deportation

Maine Judge and Maine Nurse are Maniacs not Mainers


Hickox is wrong. There will be a period, if she does develop symptoms, when she will have been contagious before she learns of them from monitoring. Unless she monitors her temperature several times an hour, there could be hours between the times she monitors and hours of time when she has been contagious before learning of her symptoms. I do not understand the limits of idiocy present in educated people today; she talks about science but only incompletely–she plays hop-scotch with truth and the science. What do we actually know bout the incubation period and why has the CDC set the incubation period at 21 days. She can go to West Africa to fight EBOLA but not stay in her home for 21 days because it is a hardship. It’s not the order from the state that is the issue here really; it’s her unwillingness herself to stay in her…

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Congratulations Mr. President

Has President Obama single-handedly given the Republicans a two house majority? Could there be a less competent intelligent man for the Oval office? What did we imagine was going to happen with Obama having been bought by Goldman Sachs, priming their bailout from the Feds by having gotten behind the first African-American President of the … Continue reading Congratulations Mr. President