Montauk Beach, C’est Moi

What can I say about any time I spent in Montauk, Land's End, on the beach, on the sands, in the surf, viewing the sky, entering the waves, watching the waves, closing my eyes and listening to the waves, hearing the muted rhythmic pounding of them against the shore as if envelopped in cotton when … Continue reading Montauk Beach, C’est Moi


Individual Divided

Individuality, it seems, has not been respected for too long.  It is more than just a few decades, no? The increase in disrespect for individuality, even coming from those who think they are expressing their individuality most pronouncedly, is part of the problem our freedom faces. An erosion of liberty is a problem for any society … Continue reading Individual Divided

Across the Wilderness [Flash Fiction]

What else is there to say about the wilderness, the desert, the emptiness we face every day in a culture void of Truth, committed to re-enforcing the ideas that there is no Truth, that there are no little truths, that there is no transcendence, nor absolution, nor objectivity. We are no longer beings of spirit, … Continue reading Across the Wilderness [Flash Fiction]

History, Truth and the New American Way

What do we mean by the  history of history? Is it closer to the history of historiography? The history of history writing is an important history to be told, yet the focus on historiography has often been asserted, in recent decades anyway, to imply (for no inference is clear) that history is only the writing of … Continue reading History, Truth and the New American Way

The Floor [A Short Story]

Je voudrais dire la vérite´ J'aime la vérité. --Jean Cocteau,  "Le Menteur" The Opinions of Anonymous Prologue To kill or not to kill, that is the question, whether it is nobler in the mind to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous morons around you, or just to end them by cutting their throats, slashing … Continue reading The Floor [A Short Story]