Spied On––Spied Of, Spied By, Spied For; a Re-Vision

To spy or not to spy must be a question for some of US who have reason to believe that their need to find out exceeds another’s right to privacy. I have said this before; I will say this again.

As voyeuristic as we have become–and the world is just a series of key holes, from one to another crouching like a humunculus with left or right eye peering . . . and thanks in part to Mr. Zuckerberg, we have other forms of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

How can we not-have spied or consider, seriously, spying on others, our neighbors, our family, our friends or social media friends? Questions do beget yet more questions. No amount of apologetics concerning a generation’s need for social correctives can explain away our increase over the last few decades for doctoring the First Amendment, and we have done so. Campuses across America––especially Ivy League campuses––have been focal points of a restraint of liberty when it comes to freedom of speech. But Capitalists always come together and agree on one thing concerning trade––it’s restraint.Likewise, Neo-liberal globalizers also come together and agree on one thing intellectually––a restraint of free speech, particularly any dissenting opinions, any opinion deviating from adherence to dogma. Concerning American Neo-liberal Globalizing Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalism, I must be a heretic.

I do have to say Sorry, hate speech is protected; yes. Haranguing is not; defamation is not. Certainly creating spaces of privilege as to what kinds of people get to engage in hate speech is also other than the spirit of the law; but I would not expect too many under forty to get the idea that we do not have to rethink these old laws that do not pertain to today as one African-American internet pundit expressed in her vitriol against the First Amendment––an attack on the First Amendment she engaged rather than attack the establishment that fumbled the freedoms issues in Charlottesville. That could have been handled better by most of the critics, but as in today’s brand of protesting, emotion was confused for passion, just as commotion has been for compassion, neither the twain shall meet? A much more articulate response was required and all we got instead was one or another knee-jerk responses, as we often get equally from the Neo-Con Right. More ping pong for the semi-literate, the under-educated and under-read, the inarticulate, the rhetorically weak . . .

Nonetheless, attacks on Free Speech have been the staple of most neo-liberal politics on college campuses across America, as it has been particularly the agenda of the radical left––and this is irrespective of how heinous in whoever’s mind some of what the neo-conservatives say. The Neo-liberal Globalizing White Protestant establishment and their allies among those other than White Protestant Neo-liberal Globalizing Totalitarian Capitalist Bourgeoisie is a real danger to the world and its freedom as has been the proliferation of propaganda to the displacement of news, of a free press, of debate, of a strength in literacy––reactionary Zionist politics and its agenda has been attached, fixed to these problems. But to discuss the issues and problems and enemy-of-the-People status of Power and an oligarchy of Monied elites is to address only half the problems of how Power acts Powerfully against the People everywhere as it has for all time.

Now, to return to the initial prong of my skewering––Mr. Zuckerberg has considered spying on the American people––and do not imagine that he has not done so considering his previous early forays in the social media exercises he performed on campus at Harvard––an institution of White Protestant Bourgeois  Power and Money control (including their Ashkenazi allies among the upper Bourgeois Totalitarian anti-Union, anti-labor syncophantically Woke pretending Capitalists), all in favor of restraint off speech so long as it does not interfere with their current intellectual hegemony. BLM’s first lessons in marketing their position in the society as one of perpetual unilateral outsiders was first fostered by Ashkenazi Americans, and the use of racist and racism as a rhetorical deus ex machina was learned first and foremoatly by Ashkenazi-Americans and their own hegemonic mantra of calling everything Anti-Semitic anything that critique them . . . socio-economically, socio-politically, culturally, philosophically, epistemologically, historically . . . There has never been any business like Shoa business.

But then, Capitalists always get together in favor of restraint of trade so long as it does not interfere with profits for Big Money. The Harvard Elite and the Neo-Liberal Globalizers are no more in favor of free speech than Big Money Capitalist finance and Big Money Capitalist industry are in favor of Free Enterprise. Both are an annoyance to the hegemony of each of the groups attached.

Zuckerberg’s endeavor with Facebook was hatched from a malignant egg, a contempt for people and their foibles. He has been a purveyor of The People’s information since the beginning; how can we imagine that he has not  considered spying on us for the NSA? Whatever spin has spun since, let it not detract you from the facts of his spying. There are, though, too many of us who do not consider this seriously enough. We continue to use his Facebook when we have the power to crash it and crush his worth.

His company takes in only about 30M a year, yet he is valued at how many billions today? The number is no longer significant because it is fantasy economics––but in a world where there is no Truth, where the notion of Truth remains absurd in the minds of too many; where knowledge is impossible and no Absolutes can exist, even hypothetically; where even small ‘t’ truths are made to appear as if they could only all of them be relative to each other which means they are relative to nothing at all––they have no valence; where facts are confused for and presented as knowledge, and where stats in themselves stats are automatically received as facts, as if they say something in themselves; where proof is no more than an assertion; where saying something enough times makes it so and dogma; where rhetoric is weak and literacy failing . . . I cannot go on.

Yet, considering the ability that We the People who use Facebook have to crush Zuckerberg’s media worth . . . why would the People exercise their power against power? I could ask. Why would we formidably oppose his power and his monied influence in our society? We could all tomorrow close our Facebook pages to see what effect it would have––I mean it, if just 1 in 3 closed his or her account tomorrow . . . but we fear money in America the way peasants in Russia used to fear the Czar. We need to exert the weight of the People against the monied elite helping the state’s efforts at making us less free (that is, if to be free has gradations). But the only thing we can muster is our outrage over what we have had delivered to us by the Print and Broadcast Journalists 90% of whom are run by just 6 corporations. But this means questioning the half-truths of BLM’s assertions; it means questioning the Democrats equally with the Republicans, that Friedmanesque Neo-Liberal Globalizing is a gentrification of the world as White Protestant Neo-liberal Bourgeois gentrification of Black neighborhoods in NYC is a closet conservatism equal in its minor scale to the major hegemonic push of globalizing––I still cannot get out of my critical mind the 100 million dollar grant from the FORD Foundation that BLM has accepted; I cannot get to an understanding of their mis-management of the Protests, their insipid response in face of looting, their failure to control the protests to make them more concerted and less chaotic, more organized and less emotionalistic, perhaps more articulate than the mono-syllables that proliferate.

We cannot believe Mr. Zuckerberg is a fascist–and I do not think he is, although if there were anyone who would get right ion board with a fascist realignment of America, I suspect it would be Zuckerberg––another Ashkenazi ally of White Protestant Neo-liberal Freidmanesque Closet/Latent Conservative Bourgeois Totalitarian Capitalist . . .

There are too many parallels between Mr Zuckerberg and the Industrialists and monied elites of Nazis Germany, in his and their dance with state power and its agenda against the people, and this is whether they were actual Nazis or not. There are, moreover, too many received ideas to the contrary that impede the conclusions we could draw concerning Zuckerberg. Fore-mostly, as too many erroneously assume, Mr. Zuckerberg cannot be a fascist because he is a Jewish American, and everyone knows in our contemporary American received ideas, Jewish Americans cannot be fascists. Right? By turn of like reasoning, President Obama cannot be a stooge of reactionary Zionist factions among the monied and power elite in America and Israel because he’s African-American, and this relieves him of all suspicion for being a front for the Monied and Power elite.

Because he is African American, we can delude ourselves into believing Obama has nothing in common with George W. And because Zuckerberg is Jewish American, he must be of the eternal left, a righteous liberal who stands up for democracy.––examine the reactionary Zionist politics of Israel (which make more sense in Israel . . .). We cannot accept that Obama and W are flip sides of a singularly minted political coin. Policy differences often only mask the politically and ideologically paradigmatic sameness they share. We are unwilling to accept Zuckerberg has more in common with Goebbels than he does Jefferson or Madison, at least until he got caught and had to back track. But we will have to wait and see. The same reasoning disallows us to see that Israel is a virtual fascist state because it is a Jewish State. Oppressed people learn from their oppressors or the lessons that other historically earlier oppressed and persecuted people have learned from theirs.

With the received ideas we live by that lie to us and lie in us every day, we imagine we think about politics clearly. We also imagine that by this media conditioning, we answer the questions that arise directly from the events that the media then reshape, mold, manipulate in their packaging of events. these are all threads woven in the veil of delusion we collectively wear. But print and broadcast journalism, as Chomsky has noted on a number of occasions over the last several decades, does serve a propaganda function, fore mostly to keep real Power and Money real in the shadows. The totalitarianism here is on an inverted model from that we have historically noted in countries like the former Soviet Union, Mao’s and contemporary China and Nazis Germany (I exclude Pinochet’s Chile, although he managed to develop a smaller scale totalitarianism than either Mussolini or Franco in Spain had been able to manage in their old-styled dictatorships. The charade of democracy is kept; the illusion of a free press expressing if not the will of the people (instead of delivering them their opinions as they actually do), then a balanced expression of competing voices––something they no longer do at all.

Psychosis can affect a nation as we have seen manifested time and again throughout the 20th century. But parroting our received ideas, themselves given false weight by one or another media, particularly social media–this is all we are able to do in response to major or minor social events, tweet, tweet, tweet like birds in our cages. Yes, this is what we do best. We, of course, continue to wonder why we are not free, why our liberties are disappearing–or do we wonder these at all? Totalitarianism can be pseudo-liberal (our Neo-liberalism, our Clinto-Blair-Bush-Obama Neo-Liberalism) and Capitalist. Totalitarian is no more likely or necessarily communist than democracy must be Capitalist, or where Capitalism is made synonymous with Democracy and Freedom as we do here in these very dis-United States.

The organs of the Print and Broadcast Journalism that should be protecting our freedoms are the organs enlisted by the state to undermine them and the People’s right to them. Facebook is adjunct to the NSA . . . no? It is not? I watch sycophantic talking heads on TV gushing in some common cacophony over the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, the former themselves grossly overpaid . . . but then, who am I? All of this is just sour grapes, and there are no reasons to be upset, or angry, over the margins of greed that we take for granted are facts of Nature, that is Capitalist Nature, which, of course, we in America have concluded is in itself more natural for human beings, thus closer to their nature, thus closer to their maintaining freedom.

Of course Zuckerberg is entitled to a worth grossly exaggerated from what his company actually brings in every year. He seems also to be entitled to being Chief spy in America, an enemy of the People. I hold that truth to be virtually self-evident. Nonetheless, I over react, right? I am paranoid, surely, no? I won’t waste time trying to prove otherwise. I have a lot more to say and will continue to say it for as long as I can–for as long as I am allowed to continue.

But then Hawk Newsome gripes about a billion dollars needing to be taken out of the NYPD budget, but has said nothing about Brother Obama having spent One Trillion dollars to upgrade the entire nuclear arsenal––that’s 1,000 billion dollars, a thousand New York Cities, but then nothing gets through the black wall around Brother Obama. Let nothing touch him, was the obligatory cry. itself a side-stepping of any commitment to the Truth in itself, or to the truths of his Presidency.

Facebook already has taken down my Facebook page, assumably for my attacks on power and money, Jeremiads and other diatribes, all in lamentation on the excesses of our elites. Orwell’s nightmare is now, for those who wake up–sleep walking what we do mostly. 1984 is anytime anywhere Journalism is controlled by a select group with a common agenda that has nothing to do with universality or freedom or democracy . . . but simply maintaining the appearance of one or another.

What was it that Sinclair Lewis said about it happening here? Yes, it can. When fascism comes to America it will come under the guise of Americanism, waving the flag, rallying everyone around the idea that we are commonly threatened and that we must give away some of our freedoms to be secure.

But this will come from either the right or the left. And it will fill its ranks with those in our society that we would never suspect, at least not when aligned with the grossest of our most cherished journalistically-received ideas. But Thomas Paine still echoes loudly enough At what price peace?

The Patriot Act gives too much power to those who police us, just as too much influence is given to those who run our media, whether print, broadcast or social. Who are all these CEOs and their Presidents and Vice Presidents––look them up, find them on line, determine what it is they all have in common and ask yourselves what the response should be from We the People?

And then . . .  there are too many of us who talk about the existence of contemporary power as if it were a fact of nature, a universal law of physics. This is equal to the kind of complacency that undermines all effective democracy in response to power. We need a will of the People instead of the Will of a State-serving Public set to maintain the Status Quo at all costs––as there are those who will assert a kind of impulsive will toward misapplied violence in a collective delusion that they are attacking power, as if their chaos will suffice to bring about the change they will assert they want––but the leaders of this mock-rebellion, given a space my media and Neo-Liberal authority, will only be looking to achieve a modicum of hegemony, if only in for those who they will say are their constituents, this alleged people’s movement will only be another Public come to assert Power of the State, by the State, for the State . . . a Power and Money adulating Public only breeds segments of this Public to resent the Status Quo for not including them . . . .

But then, when fascism comes to America it will be multi-racial and multi-cultural. Trump was NOT the fascist revolution or rebellion––it has yet to coalesce, and it will come from a direction most you who imagine yourselves liberals will never suspect.

The reason we have such poor responses to women’s rights and gay marriage and the outcropping of racism in our political geology is the fact that the Left has moved too far to the right. And you still do not believe me when I say that, but if you think the Republicans of today are the same Republicans of the 70s,

A man journeying on a road sees the glowing Buddha from afar and comes to the Buddha and asks him who he is. What are you? The man wants to know. He poses one question after another to the Buddha, Are you . . .? Are you . . .? Are you a spirit? Are you a god? An angel–what? The Buddha patiently says no to each question, as many as the man has asked. The man finally in exasperation asks one last time, What are you? To this, the Buddha finally says, after an appropriate pause, Awake!

We should be so enlightened.

Wake up? Not likely until dawn, and that light is still a while away in our dark night of soulless-ness.



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