Some Months at a Glance [poem]

Septem, Octo, Novem, Decem. Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten in Latin. The last three letters forming the final syllable of all month names is -ber. Yes, Septem ber, Octo ber, Novem ber, Decem ber. Yes, October is consistent with September, November and December. So, there! All you Octemberists can stop it now.

Feminology 101 [a Short Story]

Prefatory Remarks I'm with Virginia Woolf, she said. I have sometimes wished I could have met her, could;d have talked with her, could have read her manuscripts, as manuscripts, which I often find as exciting or sometimes even more exciting to read . . . to hold . . . to handle take from someone … Continue reading Feminology 101 [a Short Story]

Cross Dressing Genre [Short Fiction]

What would it mean or could it mean, if I were to present this text as an excerpt taken from among papers found in a briefcase without identification, without any evidence by which we could ascribe authorship--thus the writer would remain unknown, except to those who insist they can tell gender by diction, by syntax, by … Continue reading Cross Dressing Genre [Short Fiction]

Dark Box, Dark Room [short fiction]

From the papers found on the desk of Thomas Sarebbononato by his nephew a week or more after the former's funeral during a summer when a lot of rain fell. [a fragment] The past is not past--should this be interrogative or declarative? Yet, by now or by then? Up until what? No! Moreover--of course! As a further … Continue reading Dark Box, Dark Room [short fiction]