Prophets and Prophecies

The prophet’s message is prophecy. What profit in the prophet’s message? The medium is the message, no? The prophet’s message has been mediated by the divine. Mary is a prophet of Christianity. Islam and Judaism do not have their women prophets? Is this true? Mary is contacted by Gabriel. She is told what we repeat in the Ave Maria. The “Hail Mary” is the message, the medium is Gabriel who announces to her that she is with child, a child through to intermediacy of the Holy Ghost. What does this have to do with the writing herein contained in this journal, except that Jeremiah was a prophet of Israel. The Lamentations are his message; God’s message in other words? What words do I have for what we face, what we do, what we think, what we say, what has been done to us, what has been taught to us, what deceptions have been played on us, trick after trick after trick. I do lament the state of my country, my culture, my civilization, my religion, my people, and so on I could go on.

The quality of the writing is very important to me and I take that seriously enough to ensure that it is always at a high level, not just in the employment of a literary style, which is something I have decided is necessary, but in the technical aspects of the writing as well, I make sure it remains at a high level of execution. I insure that word to purpose is weighed and suited carefully. Even among Jeremiads, technical quality, literary style and rhetorical strength are important matters. Being passionate is never an excuse for being technically sloppy or rhetorically weak; style must always shine The Jeremiads herein have their aesthetic considerations and an integrity to their rhetorical structure lend as do buildings have an integrity to their structure and other assessments to be made aesthetically. The social and political critiques herein stand as rebuttals for elite social policies, elite politics, and elite economics; elitist politics do have a vehemence that must always be opposed otherwise they will impose a rule to the detriment of the People. These policies and politics manifest in societies around the globe and have done so perennially. They are most especially heinous, and increasingly virulent, here at home in the United States, a superstate that has become more like the former Soviet Union in the subtlest ways than any other society in the world, and to an extent that most in the United States would deny.I understand the hyperbole.

Again, I am not herein at this time going to defend the western tradition of thought, nor the significance of the inheritance from our Greco-Roman heritage. I know that a more seriously engaged understanding of history is needed to mange the main currents and tides that effect our lives politically, socially and economically, a more seriously and intelligently managed engagement with history than we seem willing or even able to perform. We have been systematically undereducated for too long, and not-nearly-enough has masqueraded as good enough for so long we have suffered a mental (an intellectual) atrophy, all in a pandering to our lust for ease. We have come to a point where saying God help us! just might have greater relevance or more veracity than thinking anyone in any position of authority (certainly not power) will help us.


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