Amend Our Ways

 In Memory of Joseph Ignace Guillotin (1738-1814)

We once had a Million Man March . . . how long ago in Washington DC? That was a quarter of a century ago, was it not?

Perhaps what Washington needs now is a million rifle march? No? Yes, a million men marching on Washington with their  unloaded rifles? Yes, of course, this is exactly what Washington needs right now. Unloaded rifles in their cases slung over their backs, one million or more. Maybe a hundred thousand in the ten largest cities in America, no?

The point of this would be clear enough––you are outraged, I can tell. A necessary illustration of the strategic position of the Second Amendment––this seems as if it is necessary. That is as something integral to, as it immediately follows, thus backs up, the First Amendment.

Could it be that Jefferson was no stupid man and understood exactly what he was doing by making the Second Amendment the right to bear arms? There is no First without the Second? Is that even a question in a world that often only responds by one Will to Power following another, an inverted scheme of Totalitarian coontrol by the Bourgeois Capitalist Power and Monied Elites.

Maybe a hundred thousand NRA members in each state on each state Capitol’s front steps would go further in driving home the point that the People understand their liberties better than the elected officials put in office to serve the People and not the State.

Everyone with a licensed rifle should join, not nuts with automatic assault weapons.

The monied elites in America are an aristocracy of oligarchic power who are more entrenched in that power than at any other time in our history––but the only thing we can muster is critiques of Race, which remain only part of the story, thus, at best, only half the Truth, while managing less than half of every truth related to some of the facts.

They are all of a kind more or less than kin that America has endured since its inception as an alleged democratic nation, the kind of nation that chooses pseudo-members of the people now and again to refresh our naive conviction in democracy; or that democracy can remain a government of the people by the people and for the people.

Nonetheless, this member of the people realizes that that’s been a great lie, that there has only ever been government of the elites by the elites and for the elites who shall not perish from the earth. Only today, they are multinational, multicultural, multi-racial, Hindu, Muslim, Chirstian and Jew, et cetera.

Obama put at ease outrage over Bush, over monied power elites in America’s  ruling class of greed. But Obama’s in the hands of the banks as he pretends to speak against bankers for the people, those of us naive enough to have succumbed, as I have on more than an occasion, to Obama’s eloquence.

But if you look for eloquence in Milton’s Paradise Lost, you don’t read Adam, you don’t read God, you read Satan. Obama could be as one black American man said in bar in Manhattan—Obama is Blankfein’s bitch. I just wish he would say something—anything—other than to say nothing better than anyone, or to say just what kind of public he envisions We the People of the United States are becoming . . . a State serving Public indeed, in mind, in thought––if thinking is at all permitted.

Ask only what you can do for country because your country is not going to do anything for you. Obligations to Democracy persist; I thought of buying a rifle with my stimulus money. Johnny get your gun.

I thought of supporting the Second Amendment, to become an ad for the NRA.

Once more, repetition becomes motif: Jefferson put the Second right after the First for a purpose.

His reasons then are just as relevant today––unless we want to listen to alleged pundits of the people on the internet (and please do get the net) who insist that we have rethink these laws that do not pertain to today, meaning the first Amendment––a grotesque response of topicality that puts everyone in jeopardy with regards for the freedom, especially the demographic group one internet pundit preached when saying by inference that the First Amendment needs to be revised. Yeah, an African-American woman needs to be spouting on-line that the First Amendment is not relevant to today!

Perhaps, though, Jefferson was a stupid man––he was white.

The Bill of Rights is integral––or don’t we get that? Each amendment is woven into the fabric of the preceding, everyone for all of them, relevant always, necessary day in day out.

Do Frenchmen remember les Jacobins or the blade of guillotine?

I’m certain no college educated mainstream American under fifty has a clue of relevance  to our time,  to our lives, or for our political and economic futures. I heard a man at a bar on 42nd Street between Fifth and Vanderbilt say that the further in time the French get from Les Jacobins and the blade of the guillotine the less free they become. The horror of existence is common men must kill some of the rich, but the poor and the rabble always kill too many, only then to go on to kill too many of themselves, he said. IN this country, the Power and the Money, with the aid of a Pretending-to-be-Woke print and broadcast journalism, have the people successfully divided––and do not think that the People are hanging their division, or that this is something that is organically springing from the marketplace of ideas and passions and necessities; it is all and only and principally and in the last about marketing, marketing, marketing––how the print and broadcast journalist serve a propaganda function for Power and Money, how the 6 corporations that own more than 90% of all media in America, Print, Broadcast, Social and Cinematic insure that all media is in line with Power and Money.


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