We have been selling our water for money for a long time. We sell our air for money, too.  Certainly the rich can buy the loyalty of your sons and daughters, as they have our freedom, our civil liberties, our future, our nature. Oilmen send your daughters and sons to die for more oil under the pretext of fighting for democracy, for saving us from another 9/11. These are the same oil families that sold oil to the Nazis from out of Mexico. Wall Street has bought our President. Obama is in the banker’s safe, not pocket. The media feigns surprise at Bush II, Dick Cheney, or Banker B*@#$ Obama. The News in America is akin to propaganda, less than kind? The News serves its sponsors; sponsors and billionaire publishers decide what gets printed, what gets disseminated to the public, nevermore the people. 

We blamed the intelligence community for not having the wherewithal to get credible information on the happenings of that day in 2001, at least before they happened. But then this infers that if we had such information, we would have done something about it to prevent the attacks. I’m not sure what I believe; what makes conspiracy theories credible is that the actions are not past the machinations of power, power being always what we mean when we say Machiavellian.

I still can’t get out of my mind how we had broken the Japanese code long before December 7th 1941. I don’t have to believe in grand conspiracies to think what I am thinking about that day we were sure will live in infamy; there did not have to be a grand conspiracy for Pearl Harbor to have happened in spite of intelligence breaking the code might have brought. Were we not listening? No more attentively than we were in the months and weeks leading up to 9/11.

We have been raised to think that the United States of America is the greatest of all possible countries; why would we need serious critique. In the MEDIAtion of our view of ourselves, we have succumbed to the power of advertising over ethics. Ethics in America, when not arithmetic, is all about package over product. Here, though, the product is our sense of right and wrong, good and bad, justice has flown the coop.

Does anyone think that the New York Times is credible news? Shouldn’t AIPAC be listed as a member of every American newspaper’s editorial board? Israel is in mind the only country that benefitted from 9/11; Israel and America’s power elite. But I speculate; speculation another special kind of vision. Who are our visionaries I’ve asked before. We murder our prophets.

Madison Avenue is our Sinai. This is as certain as truth was managed by the ministry of propaganda in the Soviet Union, no matter what the name of it was. News in America as close to garnering the Truth or any of the may little truths as was the chief organ of state news in the Soviet Union. Pravda, which in Russian means “the Truth.”

Chickens come home to roost. 


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