The Falling Leaf Review is a literary web journal dedicated to Literary Art.

Publishing Editor: Jay Victor Ruvolo.

Published by Falling Leaf Press.

All texts herein are by Jay Ruvolo.

All video and photography by Jay Victor Ruvolo aka, JVR of JVR Films and Falling Leaf Pictures Presents,

JVR is the Producer of all film content.

All rights are reserved.


Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Jay Victor Ruvolo.

Anything herein presented as if it were non-fiction is, under the rubric created for this review, fiction. Its fictionality does not subtract from its Truth-value.

Montaigne says best what is at best attempted herein and elsewhere in places where my judgement,my commentary is warranted, as I believe that to be on anything that humans are concerned with, for, about . . .

Judgment is a tool to use on all subjects, and comes in everywhere.  Therefore in the tests (essais) that I make of it here, I use every sort of occasion.  If it is a subject I do not understand at all, even on that I essay my judgment, sounding the ford from a good distance; and then, finding it too deep for my height, I stick to the bank.  And this acknowledgment that I cannot cross over is a token of its action, indeed one of those it is most proud of.  Sometimes in a vain and nonexistent subject I try (j’essaye) to see if [my judgment] will find the wherewithal to give it body, prop it up, and support it.  Sometimes I lead it to a noble and well-worn subject in which it has nothing original to discover, the road being so beaten that it can only walk in others’ footsteps.  There it plays its part by choosing the way that seems best to it, and of a thousand paths it says that this one or that was the most wisely chosen.  (F 219)

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