William Brian, a Short Story

Mr. William Brian is in broadcast and not print–yet each they are all of a piece, both of them conglomerated, each one reciprocal of the other in the matters of managing the message. Print media and broadcast media are not separate in the news business, and it is business, which in America is always the business of business, to make money–and burn the thought that making money might ever be underhanded. I am not here to engage in another diatribe or tirade (and I do love Racine so) against the monied elite because no sane man is against money, again st what having money can do or represents, at least to one’s sense of security against sleeping in the park. But what I must warn you about is that the trite, the cliche, the complacent or any one of the many, many received ideas of our culture built on the cornerstones of doubt, consensus, relativism and sensationalism will not be found in these pages or within its blog when any discussion of the media come about. I am, though, not adverse to using hyperbole; of course it must be measured as we used to say when we wanted the use of hyperbole to be reigned, yes, hold;d onto to them and do not let go of them so the horses of overstatement take off at a gallop. I frequently engage in Jeremiads, which for you who do not read the Bible in its Christian form, which means a filtered and multi-translated form of what must be called the Judaeo-Christian Bible–yes, those of you unfamiliar with the prophet Jeremiah and his Lamentations, his weeping, wailing, moaning, breast-beating despair over the state of third century BC Jerusalem . . . yes, all such expressions of bitter woe over the conditions of one’s society are called Jeremiads–and yes, I have written them before this one. I am not exactly sure that this is not another example of hyperbole, calling this lament a Jeremiad, but nonetheless, I am lamenting a little what has taken place in our media with William Brian of CBN.

The media that William Brian  represented in our eyes most assuredly, most prominently, most–dare I say–respectfully, does not stand for any little ‘t’ truth–it never did stand for the Truth in the traditional sense of something transcendent, but always sensed as a barometer to measure what gets presented as the truth. Factual truths are the first and most pronounced casualty of our lack of compass bearings in navigating the Truth, or discovering any kind of minor ‘t’ truth (and I refer you to other essays in the matter of what is uppercase ‘T’ and lowercase ‘t’ Truth/truth).

Media news in the west has gotten closer to what news was in the former Soviet Union where the irony of Pravda was clear to some, perhaps sometimes clear to all, but maintained as another totalitarian “cruel joke, the employment of irony in a system of dehumanization. The Power elite and the Monied elite have no allegiance to Truth or Democracy than anyone in the Politburo of the former Soviet Union. There is something that appears parallel, politically, and in the dynamics of state power as well as in the relationship of that power to the people, but especially its public, from any two super states like the United States and the former Soviet Union. In as much as the United States had been committed to maintaining counter weight to the weight of Soviet Power in the scales of world power, the United States cold be committed to a traditional idea of democratic society, even when that democratic ideal was an impediment to the power elite becoming more powerful and the monied elite even more monied–but no such illusions need to be maintained at the cost to power or money that they once were sustained–no more.

The only time you will see the received ideas of our culture appear in these pages or inside its blog entries are when they are questioned; or, when they are critiqued–the two are not the same. When they are explained, we will see yet another rhetoric at work. Every exposition of facts or events must always include appropriate explication, particularly when critique is levied against mainstream politics and social mores or manners that are entrenched as conventions, conventions taken by many as nature. Any attack on the conventions of a society run the risk of being responded to as if the argument were anathema and excommunicate, as if a gross violation of nature were taking place, as if cats and dogs were having sex on our front lawns everywhere.

Please have the patience that the literary essay as a form demands from its readers; and I should repeat the mantra I had given to virtually every Freshman Composition course I taught in university: all good writing is rewriting; all good reading, therefore, was re-reading. The literary essay has never been, is now and can never be determined by the aesthetics of media sound bites. One must read in a manner other than the accustomed superficial skimming of pages that so many of us do in the name of reading. It is how we have been taught tom read, a kind of de-reading that most public edu action reinforces, not only here, but everywhere, including, if not especially in countries that preach the gospel of how much better educated their citizens are or were, as in the Soviet Union, China or France. It is not true, but many of the citizens of these societies think or have thought that they are more literate than Americans–I am not always so certain.

The media or the messages from William Brian have only ever been filled with the received ideas of this Western Bourgeois Totalitarian Capitalist culture; mostly those ideas formed by and disseminated through the media. What we have or had is a medium that was a message of subterfuge, one that disseminated messages in themselves lies . . . lie after lie after lie out of the mouth of William Brian of CBN News. . . he had been lying for so long in his news he could not any longer tell fact from fabrication. It was not even irony, but logic. William Brian being the talking head for conglomerate Media, being the talking head for the pretense of free press, freedom of speech, freedom in general in the process of further democratization . . . lies, lies and more lies from William Brian  for years.

William Brian is not an anomaly; he just got caught bullshitting in a way the mainstream cannot forgive. But as so many have indicated: Brian Williams has been a talking head for Corporatist and Zionist control of not only our media but our politics and our government themselves, and the messages this control disseminates are made credible by a Mr. William Brian that dos not share in the same image and imaging that the owners and controllers of our media resemble. He has been a state-supporting media puppet on a network that supports the political and the elitist control of our society. Why are we surprised that Mr. William Brian stepped over a line; in fact, his own media outlet, CBN, is most likely more upset that he crossed this line because it forces them to cover up the fact that he is not an anomaly . . .

I do not give a damn if he drowns in the river of shit we call the media’s messages. He reaped the rewards from being a stooge of the Power Elite and the Monied Elite and the Zionist power circles that control the media. Am I supposed to care that he got too big for his britches and allowed the lies from the media to delude him into thinking he was more important than he ever was or ever was going to be? NO.

Good riddance–the response to William Brian from CBN was only so CBN can garner some credibility. In fact, it will only be a silver lining for them. This will help gain respect even from people who might have suspected that there was no longer any credibility in the mainstream media. The power elite and media elite from among the monied elite need periodic episodes such as this so they can righteously stand for Truth, even though they do not believe in even little truths of facts and events.


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