Koch Bros. Exposed

Koch Bros. Exposed. via Koch Bros. Exposed. You have to watch this documentary. Koch Bros. assault on safety net, how they pay think tanks to create dread for the future, trying to convince us through echo chamber reporting, that Social Security is going bankrupt, when it has a 2.6 trillion dollar surplus. Raising the retirement … Continue reading Koch Bros. Exposed


Finland Surgically Removes Russia’s Offense

I do not know why there is such surprise at Russia’s weakness in the Olympics. Russia has not nor has it ever had a monopoly on producing the highest caliber hockey players in the world. The Soviet Red Army team were the bullies of international and olympic play. Iron Curtain refs let them get away with too many penalties and a lot of dirty play. Did you watch Kovalchuk and Radulov and Markov in these Olympics. Always behind the play, always when the refs are lookinbg the other way, elbows come up, sticks get used on ankles the back of the knees etc. Kvalchuk is 30 and left the NHL because he can’;t be a bully in NOrth America. In the NHL, Russians aren’t always the biggest players. In international play, Russian players are bullies. The Soviet Red Army team were professionals–no question. Lets call diamonds diamonds and clubs clubs. Paper Tiger. Russia is not the worst of International Hockey, but it is far far from the best, not even among the best. Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Canada, the US are all of them superior to Russian hockey.


Why is it a surprise? The Soviet Union dominanted at a time when they were the only professional level hockey players playing in the Olympics. All American and Canadian and Swedish and Czech and Finnish professional level hockey players were playing in professional leagues and ineligible. But because announcers are sycophantic, nobody calls the Russians on how full of shit they are. A Russian hockey player playts for the Red Army team for two decades and is called an amateur? His only job in the Soviet Union, the Spartan State it was, was to play hoockey. Wayne Gretsky was plying pro hockey at 16 in the WHA and the NHL had to bend rules to let him play under the age of 19 when the WHA merged with the NHL. Terry Sawchuk never played in the Olympics, Bobby Orr never played in the Olympics, Mike Bossy, Phil Esposito, Guy LaFleur…

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Soul & Anti-Soul

Soul & Anti-Soul. Soul and Anti-Soul have a parallel energetic relationship with Matter and Anti-Matter; metaphysics and physics are parallel and mutually reciprocal. via Soul & Anti-Soul.   Previously published in The Revue. Editor in Chief of The Revue: Jay V Ruvolo.