Communicating Communicated

There is no medium more effective in being the messages it disseminates than another. Every medium is its message, the messages over time coalescing in one grand overarching communique. Communication should have at its central purpose, community, no? Then what should be the design of communication? All communication is meant to communicate. This seems simple enough to understand. It is not a tautology. But what is communicated in our communication? Again, communication is the state or the condition of having been communicated, some message sent, some message received. The basics need to be drawn into relief. All this communicating should imply a community, but is it really about being in community, having some comity with others–do I need to add like minded? Not exactly, but there does have to be some common ground for communication to be made–and it does have to be made, no? Making communication would then be dependent on the communicator. Who the communicator communicates with–and here, ‘with’ and not ‘to’ is important to note. I must communicate with another if the communication made is to help build a community. Every community rises and falls with its communication, effective communication, ineffective communication, communication that communicates, attempts at communicating that fail. This is the universal of communication; it is true whether the community of communicators is a primitive tribal one, an Islamist State, Fascist Italy, the Bolsheviks at the onset of the Soviet Union, Pinochet’s Chile, Barack Obama’s United States or Castro’s Cuba to name only a few; Augustan Rome, the Athens of Pericles; Thatcher’s England. Who communicsates what and how–the media are their messages–we are living in an age when the media are ubiquitous, almost as if they were an all-knowing, all-seeing, all powerful conglomerate God.

This review is a part of print media as well as social media; I have said this before; I will say this again. How could any medium not critique itself if it is to be serious about things other than profit, other than the business of business being business as usual when the usual for business is money, money, and more money, always money, everywhere, money, money, profit forever before people, the concerns of simple separate people that do not have a direct connection to the making of more money for others not among the simple separate people being people. This is the same for all criminals, too, we know. How can we not see the similarities between men of business and criminal men. The mind is nearly the same; that is, mentality is the same.

Business has its communication; even criminals communicate with other criminals. Criminals exist in a criminal community. But then that is what a community is, a group of people in a common social nexus where those who are a part of are interactive with others who are also a part of the community considered, any community considered. Communication is made among people in the community where a sociolect is spoken, whether that be a standard language, a dialect, a jargon, or sometimes a slang, and many times all of the former, or any combination of them.



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