Some Notes on Gerrymandering

Some things about Gerrymandering we might need to consider--one of these is that it does not only need to be used to help politicians--it can be drawn to protect groups that might otherwise be displaced by gentrification. Now how can Gerrymandering be used to protect groups who would otherwise be underrepresented? If Gerrymandering were to … Continue reading Some Notes on Gerrymandering


Prophet of Our Contemporaneity

What then, Monsieur; what then, Mesdames et Messieurs?

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

“No, liberty is not made for us: we are too ignorant, too vain, too presumptuous, too cowardly, too vile, too corrupt, too attached to rest and to pleasure, too much slaves to fortune to ever know the true price of liberty. We boast of being free! To show how much we have become slaves, it is enough just to cast a glance on the capital and examine the morals of its inhabitants.”

― Jean-Paul Marat

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