How Winter, Spring and Superlatives Fall

The coldest winter? The snowiest winter . . . polar vortices . . . superlatives were abundantly overflowing this winter. Cold winters in New York are not unusual; mild ones are not anomalies either. One winter colder than another is unavoidable; but we do get ourselves worked up over the superlative degree: yes, the coldest, … Continue reading How Winter, Spring and Superlatives Fall


Good-enough is Never

Government-management and state-education-department control over ESOL across the country have delivered to ESOL teachers the kind of protocols that do not necessitate educating or learning, nor do they necessitate quality or experience be present in those who are hired. Teachers are pitted against one another in program after program across America as management reminds teachers … Continue reading Good-enough is Never

Who are You to Imagine Being in Philadelphia is Better than Being Dead?

A man talks of a trip to Philadelphia, but not the view of Camden across the Delaware River from his hotel room, nor the view of the Charles River as he crosses on the Alewife Bound Red Line from Boston South Station to Cambridge, Harvard Square . . . what more, no more, to say or to write, I … Continue reading Who are You to Imagine Being in Philadelphia is Better than Being Dead?

Black is Black, I Want My Identity Back

The subtlest way African-Amricans have endured racism  has been in the traditionally and inescapably framed identification of the people by race and only race, color, if we will, although everyone knows that neither black nor white are colors. Negro, colored, black; all of them preferable to using the term nigger, unless one were a Klansman, … Continue reading Black is Black, I Want My Identity Back

When and Where a Blog Entry Presented to You as a Letter From an Editor Becomes a Fictional Essay

  Yes, How many years I have been writing and publishing the blog and review pages I call The Manfred Revue is nearing a decade. More than a decade? It does not matter--it cannot--, the length of time. Any effect from that would have more to do with advertising than actual credibility or quality, the appraisal … Continue reading When and Where a Blog Entry Presented to You as a Letter From an Editor Becomes a Fictional Essay

Blogging for Democracy?

If more blog writing--good, bad and other--contributes to the further democratization of America, I am for that. I am not, though, for a debasement or deflation of literary values and aesthetic understanding. That would be a mistake--one that pits popularization as the most accurate synonym of democratizing, one where populism is the only valid expression … Continue reading Blogging for Democracy?

More Observing Observed

We understand the slogans we hear everywhere all around us, slogans for political campaigns, slogans for products sold through TV advertising, slogans from our teachers, our bosses, the bureaucrats from the city, state or federal administrations. Slogans are all around us, surrounding us, deafening us, really. We are deaf to the Truth. We are at … Continue reading More Observing Observed

To Inform or to Be in Form

All informing by government sponsored education will carry with it the indelible stamp of in/formation; to inform is to put or place in/form. This is what information really is: in/formation. To receive information is to receive one kind of stamp of being put in form, formation. Freedom drowns and dies in the pool of functional … Continue reading To Inform or to Be in Form

Brian Williams is Indicative; From the Editor

Mr. Williams is in broadcast and not print--yet each is all of a piece, both of them conglomerated, each one reciprocal of the other in the matters of managing the message. Print media and broadcast media are not separate in the news business, and it is business. America's business is the business of business, how … Continue reading Brian Williams is Indicative; From the Editor

Consensus, Nonsensus

The idea that consensus is necessary in a democracy has nothing to do with and mostly opposes democracy. Real democratic action disappears where the demands for consensus are imposed with the weight of dogma. The kind of consensus that societal norms demand in these United States is often the kind mandated by totalitarian societies, and … Continue reading Consensus, Nonsensus

The Desert; From the Editor

In the case of most of America's Yellow Press--and what is this about the press being Yellow, you ask? Most news in America is Yellow--and please do not misread this through one or another mis-steps taken from our systematic under-education, especially in matters pertaining to reading and writing and what must be called literacy and … Continue reading The Desert; From the Editor

Americanism can be Totalitarian (An Assertion)

We used to say that when fascism comes to America it will come as Americanism--I do not disagree, but the real horror is that it will not be fascism or Nazism or Zionism or Bolshevism that comes as Americanism, whereby American will only be a veneer over what is essentially fascist, no.  America's brand of … Continue reading Americanism can be Totalitarian (An Assertion)