Americanism can be Totalitarian (An Assertion)

We used to say that when fascism comes to America it will come as Americanism–I do not disagree, but the real horror is that it will not be fascism or Nazism or Zionism or Bolshevism that comes as Americanism, whereby American will only be a veneer over what is essentially fascist, no.  America’s brand of totalitarian rule will be wholly and completely American with no traces of fascism or Nazism or Zionism or Bolshevism or any other kind of communism, no. Americanism in itself Americanism without it being any of the former mentioned four isms. Only in this, it will be its own totalitarianism, and totalitarianism is and remains totalitarian everywhere in manifests itself in one form or another. Truth is revealed in tautology. I am not trying to be facetious, any more than a Buddhist is when he says good is good, bad is bad and both exist. They do both exists and there is no reductionism in this in the way we mean to make pejorative any attempt to streamline our focus on what is. What we must understand is that this American that will be totalitarian will resemble others in its paradigms, but it will, in form, be entirely American, making it even more heinous and difficult to determine.


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