The Momento Mori of a Pimp Fiction]

A diatribe found on the subway by the editor of The Commentarian Blog in the form of a spiral notebook entry printed in pencil, not HB, but much much darker, and I mean printed, not cursively written. It was dated the fiftieth anniversary of JFK's assassination, "a day that should be commemorated by every lover … Continue reading The Momento Mori of a Pimp Fiction]


In Itself American: Alpha

We the people of the United States, in order . . .  " yes, order. Order is the single rule of operation for any State, whether French, American, or Iranian; fascist, communist, Islamist; it does not matter.  Third world dictatorships or totalitarian regimes are not the only kinds of governments concerned for regulating its citizens and … Continue reading In Itself American: Alpha



We support beliefs we would otherwise not support if we had the mind to think, but we nevermind so much daily, we have forgotten how to think in anything but the most greatly disseminated received ideas. And this, in irony, is true of those who profess to be the most aware of our society’s ills. We are like a doctor who diagnoses a disease all the while he does everything to contract the disease.

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