Help! Help! Help! {Flash Fiction}

A comment to an entry in a blog of a website dedicated to political commentary.

Why we continue to hope against hope, judging black men by a different set of standards than we do others . . . one extreme to another. Obama has proven no less corrupt than any other white politician has been. The time of equality has arrived?

A diatribe written as a comment to a blog entry criticizing the President for what people usually criticize presidents for, only without the balanced rhetoric that might make it closer to what is true, rather than what rings true for one person in his vehement dislike for the President–something I could not myself muster, have not been able to no matter how much like every other president I have disliked he has been–and which president I have liked these last forty years I cannot say, would not be able to say because he does not exist–and this is the point. If we are going to say that Obama has not been any less corrupt than any white president, then perhaps we need to say as well that he has not been any more corrupt. But then this jumps the gun, does it not, saying ahead of time what has been said, and I now have no idea why anyone would even read what I have included here. Unless, of course, I put it after the entry, which I now have [I purposely left this entry worded as I had worded it before I shifted the position of the blog-comment quote], and so now you can disregard what I have written about this being ahead of what was written, or what I have herein quoted from a comment posted to a blog entry that criticizes the President heavily and that means heavy handedly. The comment herein attached can only be found on cached pages as the website for which this comment was a reply to, the blog of this website, does not exist any longer. What more can I say on this?


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