Prison House of State

Prison jargon has crept into common parlance; this is not new; this is not alarming. The jargon of other professions–and it is a profession in America, ‘prisoner’– has crept into common use. We use as metaphors expressions from golf, from baseball, from football, from pool, from horseshoes, and so on. Even the President has rapper friends who party at the White House.

But back to prison terms in common speech.  It seems that in politics this crossover might be the most appropriate use of jailhouse speech. All states are, in analogy, jail houses of one kind or another. Governments are the wardens, every warden a guard, every guard an enforcement of the prison status quo. Prisoners themselves also the wardens of each other, a kind of common law in the prison that the guards often turn an eye from. But it is not far-fetched to assume the state we live in is a prison of a kind.

The prison-house of State therefore has a hierarchy of rules or behavioral codes as in any social environment, human or otherwise. They are often enforced independently of the law. If the government were itself a prison-house, then politicians would be inmates of a type, the wardens and guards are the monied elite, and those they overpay or underpay to do their watching prison stoolies. All of these analogies can be cross referenced and drawn in other directions. Any institution can be analyzed along the lines of a prison, all forms of order working against freedom and liberty. Information is in itself in  formation, the informed are in  form. This is not to say that the only freedom that can exist is an an-archic freedom, but then anarchy as I understand it has little to do with the chaos envisioned by those in society too fearful ever to question authority or rule, or those entrusted to enforce the law, whether that law is South African Apartheid, Jim Crow, or laws imposed by fanatical Muslim theocracies or Puritan ones in Salem Massachusetts, or by Congress or State Assemblies here in present day America.

In the Prison House of Government–and the government is a jailhouse–Obama is the scrawny prisoner. He is not one of the alpha prisoners, no matter how virile you imagine his rhetoric to be, or how virile a man he might be, a great husband and father not-withstanding this analogy. He has no clout, he has no cache in the power-dynamics of Washington insider dealing trading playing. What we see is all there is to see, great orator, father, family man not-withstanding how the game in the Capital City is officiated. Capitalists–that is, big time capital from Wall Street, and not the profits the guy on the corner in his pizzeria hopes to make–these are the Alpha inmates. In this rhetorical schema, Obama is the Bankers’s Bitch because all politicians are prison punks, once again, in the prison that is government, all elected officials punks for the monied elite, and that’s Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo, Bloomburg, and so on and so on.

Most politicians are the bitches of big money, an oligarchy of the rich our once democratic America has become. Bush II was not the bitch of the bankers because he was the son of the oil gangsters; he was one of theirs. He was no more the bitch of Wall Street than a Mafioso’s son is an Alpha inmate’s bitch. Never. You saw Goodfellas. And the oil companies are gangsters for their legacy is not far from the oil companies that sold oil to Nazis Germany out of Mexico, from wells dug in the gulf, the same Gulf of Mexico that BP seems willing now to try to save. Hindsight on hindsight. Precaution is not a prime consideration in anything we do; it never will be for any corporate capitalist venture like BP’s.

No one can tell me Obama does not bend over for Wall Street.  He then sells us the idea that what he did was to save us. In bed with the bankers, bending over for Goldman Sachs, his largest campaign contributor . . . and this is not a disparagement of homosexual love because love is love when it is love, and gay men who love each other, love each other. They fail in their relationships when they fail in their relationships for all of the same reasons heterosexual couples fail. But anal rape in prison is not the same thing as anal intercourse as an expression of love, and just because it is two men in prison, and thus is apparently homo-sexual, does not make the act the same as what two men can feel if and when they love.

The relationship between Obama and Goldman Sachs is questionable; did they foresee the economic debacle and buy a government bailout ahead of time. This is the same Goldman Sachs that spearheaded the stocks on margin debacle in the 20s. Is being anti-Goldman Sachs actually being anti-semitic like one as*&^%$ in a bar on the Eastside said to me as I ranted against Goldman Sachs, and then Lehman Brothers and then Allan Greenspan, who, as the head of the Federal Reserve, should have known better. But then when I accuse Bloomburg of Cronyism, I also occasionally  get the question, “Are you sure you’re not being anti-Semitic?” Few and very, very far between, but still a question raised. When I question the sins of omission from the supporters of Reactionary Zionism in the American print and broadcast media, I am also accused of being Anti-Semitic; but who are the publishers of the fifty largest circulating newspapers in the United States. What is their one unilateral commonality? It is their unquestioning support for the reactionary zionist politics and policies of Israel and the State Department.

Goldman Sachs is what it is and independent of what the directors on their governing board are, they are the monied power elite, our oligarchs or the alpha prisoners in the prison house of America, and do I want to think that our president is their bitch? No, but as Malcolm X said to his wife the day JFK was shot, “The chickens have come home to roost.” And roost they will because We the People of the United States cannot stand so long a usurpation of our freedom by the government and the media.


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