Where Have You Gone Al Smith?

Politics in America has become a quagmire? I ask . . . we like to interrogate the truths of our world rather than assert them declaratively. I prefer "we" when I requires more courage or confidence than I can muster at the time. Washington is a swamp, we have liked saying; we have repeated this … Continue reading Where Have You Gone Al Smith?


How Power and Money Do not Need Conspiracies to Control

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

A reprint from early December 2016.

Why has Obama dragged his feet on what the CIA has announced that he perhaps knew about a month ago before the election? Because there is a web of Power and Money that controls government in virtually direct ways–I know we do not want to see the extent; I understand how we might want to avoid seeing this present in the choices or decisions of a man so beloved by so many. However, it has been reported that the CEO of Citicorp had delivered to Obama a list of names that would be suitable choices for the President’s Cabinet (still choices far less scary than the collection of misfit misers and other vindictive, single-mindedly greedy reactionaries that Trump had collected) . . .yet they became Obama’s Cabinet.

Moreover, nonetheless, nevermore . . . the Clintons parading around as liberals is truly a joke; yet…

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THE DARK AGES ARE NOW [Notes, notations, notices]

Dark Age does not mean there is no sunlight, that the sun does not rise and set, that summer never comes, that everything is obscure under clouds and shrouds, terminally gray, as I had said once of ten days in Paris when the sun did not shine. Even in what we once referred to as … Continue reading THE DARK AGES ARE NOW [Notes, notations, notices]

4 or 5 Reasons Why We Live in a Totalitarian Capitalist America

Totalitarian structures in a society need not only be aligned with Communism, a failure on American Political Science to grapple with this as ideas trickle and seep through the rocks of American ideology (?), American journalism (?), common parlance in America? Yes, and yes, and yes again, only without the gain I would hope understanding … Continue reading 4 or 5 Reasons Why We Live in a Totalitarian Capitalist America

How You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth When You Talk Electoral Politics

The same people who chant nearly monosyllabically about one person one vote say nothing when it becomes apparent that our Senate does not have enough of a Republican majority to push repeal of Obamacare through. The same framer who gave us the Electoral College, gave us the idea that a 2/3 majority should be necessary … Continue reading How You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth When You Talk Electoral Politics

Why Syria Has Become the Problem it Is?

Read slowly; read carefully, and please no ping-pong or hop-scotch, rhetorical, poltical or idiotic.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Remember, as far back as 1991, with Bush I’s Desert Storm,we realized that we could use our military in the middle east without resistance from Russia. Iraq had been an old Soviet Client regime . . . please recognize the US client regimes in Israel, Coata Rica, Morocco, et cetera. Syria and Iran were the other two big Soviet client states in the region. Surprise,surprise that we are now focussed on Syria after we have pulled out of Iraq (itself questionable for regional stability, but . . .).

As early as 2005, the US special ops were training opposition to Assad, and we did not care if they were the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else, so long as they posed a threat to Assad and promoted the potential for regime change. Obama has done nothing but make Syria’s problems worse, not caring too much how many people (read: women and…

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How the Song of Transition Remains the Same?

Disclaimer–this is not support for Donald trump.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

What we must not forget is that the Obama administration, the same administration that has been claiming how necessary it is to listen to intelligence information, which the President touts as efficient and superior in its capabilities, took a hands-off position with ISIS for too long, allowing it to gain momentum, support, strategic position in its assualt against Syria. We must suspect that it should have known something credible about ISIS before ISIS gained momentum, seeing as we were already in Iraq and had been garnering from there and around the region intel that Obama claims is the result of efficient expertise from the Intelligence Community . . . I do not imagine that Israel’s Mossad missed the opportunity to  appraise the situation with ISIS, unless both the US and Israel decided to use ISIS to topple Assad.

Yes, the U.S. has sponsored regime change in Syria in direct antagonism…

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