How the Song of Transition Remains the Same?

Disclaimer–this is not support for Donald trump.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

What we must not forget is that the Obama administration, the same administration that has been claiming how necessary it is to listen to intelligence information, which the President touts as efficient and superior in its capabilities, took a hands-off position with ISIS for too long, allowing it to gain momentum, support, strategic position in its assualt against Syria. We must suspect that it should have known something credible about ISIS before ISIS gained momentum, seeing as we were already in Iraq and had been garnering from there and around the region intel that Obama claims is the result of efficient expertise from the Intelligence Community . . . I do not imagine that Israel’s Mossad missed the opportunity to  appraise the situation with ISIS, unless both the US and Israel decided to use ISIS to topple Assad.

Yes, the U.S. has sponsored regime change in Syria in direct antagonism…

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