Why Syria Has Become the Problem it Is?

Read slowly; read carefully, and please no ping-pong or hop-scotch, rhetorical, poltical or idiotic.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Remember, as far back as 1991, with Bush I’s Desert Storm,we realized that we could use our military in the middle east without resistance from Russia. Iraq had been an old Soviet Client regime . . . please recognize the US client regimes in Israel, Coata Rica, Morocco, et cetera. Syria and Iran were the other two big Soviet client states in the region. Surprise,surprise that we are now focussed on Syria after we have pulled out of Iraq (itself questionable for regional stability, but . . .).

As early as 2005, the US special ops were training opposition to Assad, and we did not care if they were the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else, so long as they posed a threat to Assad and promoted the potential for regime change. Obama has done nothing but make Syria’s problems worse, not caring too much how many people (read: women and…

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