The Literary Essay . . . what can I say? I imagine I would have to explain this–define my terms–even to the University educated. Tweeting is not writing.


It is not an irony that Kierkegaard and Hamlet are both Danes. It’s a coincidence, for sure. Coincidences are neither big nor small; they just are.

What is ironic? What is irony? Do we teach it anymore, how to have a sense of it, how to find it, see it when it stares us in the face? Are ironies either simple or supreme, and if they can be either one, can they be anything in between? What lies between? I’ve said before how interesting it is that the between aids and abets lying. 

 Is it ironic that Kierkegaard and Hamlet are both Danes?  I wouldn’t know what to say about this. Danish society lending itself to suicide as no other in western society? I once heard, in a bar, at the bar, that the Danes kill themselves at a rate near the Japanese. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. I…

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