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Totalitarian Capitalist America––been saying so for decades . . .

Here from a Wikipedia article on INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM:

Comparison to classical totalitarian regimes[edit]

Inverted totalitarianism shares similarities with classical totalitarianism, like Nazi Germany. First of all, both regimes are totalitarian because they tend to dominate as much as possible. Both regimes use fear,[12]preemptive wars[13] and elite domination,[14] but inverted and classical totalitarianism deviate in several important ways:

        • Revolution – While the classical totalitarian regimes overthrew the established system, inverted totalitarianism instead exploits the legal and political constraints of the established democratic system and uses these constraints to defeat their original purpose.[12]
        • Government – Whereas the classical totalitarian government was an ordered, idealized and coordinated whole,[15] inverted totalitarianism is a managed democracy which applies managerial skills to basic democratic political institutions.[16]
        • Propaganda and dissent – Although propaganda plays an essential role…

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