How Tolstoy Affected the Form of the Novel

a short story Length in Tolstoy equals the desire to make more money; length in Tolstoy was the hunger to be paid more. Lev was paid by the word. Anna Karenina and War and Peace are as long as they are principally for this reason (--is this really a reason or merely an explanation [not exactly the same]?). … Continue reading How Tolstoy Affected the Form of the Novel


Personality is Maskality

Person in English comes from the Latin persona, and this means mask, as in what covers the face. This should give some insight to what we mean by personality and how personality shifts, changes, transforms with context and by the presence of other players--dramatis personae. Yes, I used to say and have said before in other writings … Continue reading Personality is Maskality

Vermeer and a Photographic Perspective

Remember what I have said and will say again---Vermeer was the first artist directly influenced by photography. His camera obscura was photography without the chemistry of film processing or other chemically treated plates. He used his camera to set perspective, to see how light played with the projection/representation of images. His use of the rudiments of photography helped him … Continue reading Vermeer and a Photographic Perspective

American Puritanism and Gay Marriage {a repost from five years ago}

There is nothing herein that stands opposed to Gay Marriage; if there are any questions, they are targeted at how marriage has been defined culturally, and linguistically over the millennia. An examination of the etymology of the titles given to the two heterosexuals joining in current matrimony will reveal that marriage has as its chief, … Continue reading American Puritanism and Gay Marriage {a repost from five years ago}

Unalienable Human Rights are Universal Human Rights

It seems reasonable that a universal humanity should be defended, and that that defense should be well articulated. Woman has been prime for this kind of defense for a very long time. Hers is a humanity less than deservedly respected, even now when we think we are honoring and respecting women, socially, politically, institutionally, ethically, … Continue reading Unalienable Human Rights are Universal Human Rights

Some Remarks on Women’s Rights

Woman is not determined by her biology. This seems simple enough to say, but has it been adequately articulated by us in her defense. This position was held by most of us in college when I was an undergraduate; this has become one of many clichés we accept in our arsenal of received ideas about … Continue reading Some Remarks on Women’s Rights

An Actor Prepares [Flash Fiction]

What We Now Teach our Children; a Monologue   It is interesting for me to observe in our pedagogy and in our media how one or another determinism is set against free-will, turning free-will into a fanatical idea in a cult of the individual. All this meant to destroy the idea of freedom, undermine the … Continue reading An Actor Prepares [Flash Fiction]

“Live Free or Die” Might be a Motto, But . . .

Perhaps swallowing dogma whole only leaves one with a socio-political gastro-intestinal distress, as if there is an analogy for gastro-intestinal processes or disruptions in what we can call the political mind; but then we do speak of the body politic, don't we? In my understanding, from what I see, what I hear, what I personally … Continue reading “Live Free or Die” Might be a Motto, But . . .

Shooting Dice and Other New York Games of LIberty

It is sad to say, but say I must, that the following is not in the cause of the growing Know-Nothing Party fear of the current Republican frenzy to out-do one another in the many forms of contemptible politics or politicking. Bill the Butcher from Scorsese's Gangs of New York I am not; Donald Trump I could … Continue reading Shooting Dice and Other New York Games of LIberty

All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

It is not only the President's responsibility, but every citizen's obligation to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I do not care what my Church or Priest says or your Minister or your Rabbi or your Imam says.  There is no law above the Constitution here in … Continue reading All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Confused, Confounded, Conflated

Are all the waiters now in the Carnegie Deli Chinese? I went there recently, I think it was New Year's Day, the year I saw DeCaprio and Scorsese's fiasco, The Wolf of Wall Street--I was not offended by the movie, except by the screenplay, how adolescent the writing was, written, it seemed, by a man and … Continue reading Confused, Confounded, Conflated

A Fictional Voice Shouting Into the Abyss Speaks Obliquely of Romantic Agony

All who participate in the cult of biography should be murdered. There is nothing to be learned from a writer's biography, and that is in spite of whether you believe writing is impersonal, in itself contained, transcendent of time or place, and able to stand alone for the whole of some real or imagined fucking … Continue reading A Fictional Voice Shouting Into the Abyss Speaks Obliquely of Romantic Agony


With bureaucrats having greater and greater control over, under and through education, literacy lessens at an alarming rapidity. Literacy is never the concern for bureaucrats. What the French have called alphabetisme is the target, the goal, the all embracing directive of, in, or from any program beholding to State funding. Bureaucrats never imagine that they need literacy; … Continue reading Bureaucratize