Shooting Dice and Other New York Games of LIberty

It is sad to say, but say I must, that the following is not in the cause of the growing Know-Nothing Party fear of the current Republican frenzy to out-do one another in the many forms of contemptible politics or politicking. Bill the Butcher from Scorsese’s Gangs of New York I am not; Donald Trump I could never be. However, nonetheless, moreover . . .

Live Free or Die is the motto of New Hampshire. It is on every license plate you see, definitely unspoken in the character of a people far, far removed from the understanding of too many of the people I live among in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, too many people who have suffered one or another form of repression, for certain, oppression, it can be assumed, as it has been historically verified in some cases. I am sure that there is relevance for either democrat or republican from New Hampshire, and I am sure that there are a significant number of voting age citizens of New Hampshire who are registered independents.

Nonetheless, no one from any Totalitarian Communist society has escaped the formative effects of that totalitarian enculturation, assimilation, indoctrination–they carry it not so much as a brand, but as a life altering, mind altering, experience. There was state manufactured and delivered dogma to be swallowed, either whole, or chewed and digested. There were those who delightfully chewed and digested their State dogma, feeding themselves and nourishing their minds with propaganda and ideology. There were others who just closed their eyes and swallowed in order not to be in dis-order.

The consequences for our liberty and democracy has not yet been studied or delineated, but I do not suspect that tens of thousands of immigrants who have no idea what democracy is, or could be for them, regardless of how much we suppose or they actually are yearning to be free, is very good for democracy for all. This is simply a horror of our existence, especially here in the city of New York, where shooting dice seems to be the way we effectively mediate democracy and democratic living, liberty become a shell game, at best.

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