An Actor Prepares [Flash Fiction]

What We Now Teach our Children; a Monologue


It is interesting for me to observe in our pedagogy and in our media how one or another determinism is set against free-will, turning free-will into a fanatical idea in a cult of the individual. All this meant to destroy the idea of freedom, undermine the idea of The People as counterweight to that of the State. Everyone must learn to conform in our Totalitarian Bourgeois Capitalist America, to the complete abandonment of any subversive ideas like free-will or liberty or being a People (the latter always resistant to the effects of becoming a state-serving Public). This is not to say the package of being a people, of being an individual indivisible, is not wrapped around the idea of conformity and determinism; but the product is of Power, by Power and for Power. We can no longer imagine that we do not live in an Oligarchy of Monied-Power Elites and that that government Lincoln had proclaimed a little over one hundred fifty years ago no longer serves the People, only in itself, of Power, by Power and for Power shall not perish.


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