How Power and Money Do not Need Conspiracies to Control

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

A reprint from early December 2016.

Why has Obama dragged his feet on what the CIA has announced that he perhaps knew about a month ago before the election? Because there is a web of Power and Money that controls government in virtually direct ways–I know we do not want to see the extent; I understand how we might want to avoid seeing this present in the choices or decisions of a man so beloved by so many. However, it has been reported that the CEO of Citicorp had delivered to Obama a list of names that would be suitable choices for the President’s Cabinet (still choices far less scary than the collection of misfit misers and other vindictive, single-mindedly greedy reactionaries that Trump had collected) . . .yet they became Obama’s Cabinet.

Moreover, nonetheless, nevermore . . . the Clintons parading around as liberals is truly a joke; yet…

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