How You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth When You Talk Electoral Politics

The same people who chant nearly monosyllabically about one person one vote say nothing when it becomes apparent that our Senate does not have enough of a Republican majority to push repeal of Obamacare through. The same framer who gave us the Electoral College, gave us the idea that a 2/3 majority should be necessary to repeal law. This deference to Madison in itself is not what I use to argue the peculiar wisdom present in the Electoral College System of election, irrespective of what you imagine Michael Moore’s diatribes against it mean. The Senate does have a majority, but thankfully, not a significant enough majority.

Now, with respect for how Hilary did not even win a majority of the vote, yet her supporters cry foul when by having won a majority in California nearly twice that of her popular vote victory across 50 states she was not handed the Presidency. Only having taken one state significantly is one of the reasons Madison devised the Electoral College. Without California, she loses by 1.5 million votes. Also not a significant margin.

What are we talking about when we spout about the election? Who has even tried to read Madison let alone having done so? Who is able to read him? Contempo-centrism is our most prevalent centrist prejudice.

2/3 majority–call it what it is rather than the media molded “super majority.” I always prefer Madison’s diction to that of the Board of NBC or the Publishers of the NY Times. AND I AM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER. Yes, Folks, the Republicans do not have a 2/3 majority in the Senate, nor in the House. Breathe.


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