To Inform or to Be in Form

All informing by government sponsored education will carry with it the indelible stamp of in/formation; to inform is to put or place in/form. This is what information really is: in/formation. To receive information is to receive one kind of stamp of being put in form, formation. Freedom drowns and dies in the pool of functional literacy at best handles facts, not knowledge. Functional literacy does not handle what is required by thought when thought is more than facts, facts and more facts to pile up and over us in an avalanche.  Everyone who helps this debasement of literacy, the debasement of knowledge to a mere matter of facts, things to collect–much the way we have reduced democracy and freedom to the mere collecting of things, the accumulation of wealth–this person who does this is also helping to kill democracy, to forestall her in her helping to make all of us free.

Bureaucrats would prefer if elites controlled, which is why they have no problem adjusting to one or another totalitarian regime.

Totalitarian slaughter in the form of death camps is right out of the bureaucratic imagination. State sponsored education is always aligned with one or another forms of indoctrination


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