Lenny Bruce was funny. Lenny Bruce was trenchant. Lenny Bruce was a master satirist. Lenny Bruce stepped on toes. Lenny Bruce crossed a line. Lenny Bruce did not cross any lines. He crossed every line. The lines to see Lenny were long. The Man came after him.

The Man decided he was dangerous. The Man made him Public Enemy; Lenny was not an enemy of the People. He was an enemy of the state. He pushed back the boundaries. He opened power to comic critique? This is too much? I am making more out of him than is necessary? Than is called for? Not enough has been made out of the media’s campaign against him.

TV, Radio, Newspapers, Hollywood–all of piece. The Media are one message. Lenny Bruce could not be controlled which is why they had to destroy him. Poor Lenny. Rescue Lenny from oblivion. Rememebr Lenny. Watch Lenny. Look for Lenny on Youtube. Look for his recordings. Find Lenny. Find Truth. Yes, as John Lennon would say, just Gimme some truth . . .


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