Brian Williams is Indicative; From the Editor

Mr. Williams is in broadcast and not print–yet each is all of a piece, both of them conglomerated, each one reciprocal of the other in the matters of managing the message. Print media and broadcast media are not separate in the news business, and it is business. America’s business is the business of business, how could the business of any other institution in America not be business in itself business as business for business always business as usual. The media of Brian Williams does not stand for Truth or even factual truths–media news in the west has gotten closer to what news was in the former Soviet Union where the irony of Pravda was clear to some. I take this opportunity, in talking about the Brian Williams fiasco for NBC, to tell you just what this Literary Review is all about.

I must warn you–yes, warn you–I am a guardian, I have assumed, of what, you might ask–perhaps the Truth, I could say, do say, will say. Yes, I also will say Justice. It is by necessity that I use capital letters for Truth and Justice. I will not complete the Superman triad because what is the American way other than the forementioned business of business as business as usual. The trite, the cliche, the complacent or any one of the many, many received ideas of our culture built on the cornerstones of doubt, consensus, relativism and sensationalism will not be found in these pages or within its blog. I’m not adverse to using hyperbole; I frequently engage in Jeremiads.

The only time you will see the received ideas of our culture appear in these pages or inside its blog entries are when they are questioned, critiqued or explained–yes, exposition must always include appropriate explication, particularly when critique is levied against mainstream politics and social mores or manners. Please have the patience that the literary essay as a form demands from its readers. It is not determined by the aesthetics of media sound bites. One must read in a manner other than the accustomed superficial skimming of pages that so many of us do in the name of reading. The media or the messages from Brian Williams have only ever been filled with the received ideas of the culture, mostly those ideas formed by and disseminted through the media, the message of subterfuge and lies that was the mouth of Brian Williams–he had been lying for so long in his news he could not any longer tell fact from fabrication. It was not even irony, but logic.

Brian Williams is not an anomaly; he just got caught bullshitting in a way the mainstream cannot forgive. But as so many have indicated: Brian Williams has been a talking head for Corporatist and Zionist control of not only our politics but the media itself and the messages it disseminates; he has been a state-supporting media puppet on a network that supports the political and the elitist control of our society–I don’t give a damn if he drowns in the river of shit we call the media’s messages. He reaped the rewards from being a stooge of the Power Elite and the Monied Elite and the Zionist power circles that control the media, so am I supposed to care that he got too big for his britches and allowed the lies from the media to delude him into thinking he was more important than he ever was or ever was going to be?

NO. Good riddance Brian Williams and thank you, a little, for the opportunity to critique the media which needs more critique than it is ever going to allow. We are a lot more like the Soviet Union than we are ever going to be able to admit or even see.

Good riddance–the response to Brian Williams from NBC was only so NBC can garner some credibility, even from people who might have suspected that there was no longer any credibility. The power elite and media elite from among the monied elite need periodic episodes such as this so they can righteously stand, although in performance only, for the Truth.


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