What is a Web Log? IV

I guess a blog is a blog could be the best to say about what a blog is; again, truth is found in a tautology. Yes, tables are tables and pigs, pigs; so then a blog is a blog, of course, but then it too is plastic in the way we can see in the novel as form? The blog as a genre is as plastic as letter, as the novel; not lyric poetry, though, a form fossilized in antiquity. And I am referring to the limits of the form, the de-finition of the form and what can be placed inside its boundaries.

Observations, there will be plenty, of what kind, many, varied, dialogic, monologic, monolithic? Comments do not come at a premium, they are plentiful as well. Yes, there is commentary within the blog as I have said above, and as there is found among the pages, a section that houses the essays and the fiction and the shot films made through our affiliated company, falling leaf pictures (I am undecided whether the company name will be in lower case or upper case).

The essays in the”Pages” section make up the bulk of the review. Reading the pages takes patience and intelligence, and I hope I have not insulted anyone, but then if you have been insulted by this, you might need to reappraise what it is you call patience and intelligence, if not literacy. The pages also require, if I may say so, a higher election in literacy. No superficial skimming of the pages will do.

I recall what Melville had once said about Hawthorne’s writing, that the latter’s writing deceived the superficial skimmer of pages, as if it were meant to do so. Waiters sweep crumbs off the table with a special skimmer to run along the surface of the table clothe; most readers do no better than the waiter at his table when they read a text.


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