When and Where a Blog Entry Presented to You as a Letter From an Editor Becomes a Fictional Essay


Yes, How many years I have been writing and publishing the blog and review pages I call The Manfred Revue is nearing a decade. More than a decade? It does not matter–it cannot–, the length of time. Any effect from that would have more to do with advertising than actual credibility or quality, the appraisal of each beyond the acumen of those disproportionately impressed by longevity. Longevity has some implications that must be articulated to garner the appropriate sense; it does not infer greatness or higher quality in the writing itself. Of course, I do not expect you to answer rhetorical questions. . . however, just what a blog is, is the question herein? What a blog could be, I would really like to know, but it most likely remains immaterial to the more important task of putting together a literary review on line: to publish a literary web journal or a literary web-zine, or whatever else we have in the words we bandy about among us to say something we should be better equipped to say . . . a literary journal in hard copy is different than what appears on the screens via this website. Herein, The Review is both collateral with The Manfred Revue and an extension of its impetus. We should all have a better idea what we say when we say it and how we say it, whether ephemerally in speech or in words written on-line or on lines in notebooks, or should we say in lines as all writing takes its shape in lines on a page, maybe a page of unlined paper . . . what then must I say about writing on the computer or writing with pen and paper at my desk as I do day in and day in again many times without gain, at other times with great gain. I wish I had more to say on this–or so I say when I do not, and perhaps might not even care that I do not. It is just good form? I am not asking.

Thomas Sarebbononnato

New York 2012


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