Maine Judge and Maine Nurse are Maniacs not Mainers

REVUE 1, Edited by Jay V. Ruvolo

Hickox is wrong. There will be a period, if she does develop symptoms, when she will have been contagious before she learns of them from monitoring. Unless she monitors her temperature several times an hour, there could be hours between the times she monitors and hours of time when she has been contagious before learning of her symptoms. I do not understand the limits of idiocy present in educated people today; she talks about science but only incompletely–she plays hop-scotch with truth and the science. What do we actually know bout the incubation period and why has the CDC set the incubation period at 21 days. She can go to West Africa to fight EBOLA but not stay in her home for 21 days because it is a hardship. It’s not the order from the state that is the issue here really; it’s her unwillingness herself to stay in her…

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