Obama Cares; Reforms Policy on Deportation

Is Obama clutching at the reeds–we do think he is drowning, don’t we? Are we to believe that the Obama Administration’s rate of deportation–the highest in US history–was because there was staunch opposition to his more benevolent policy decisions that were not allowed to come to fruition???????? From the start, Obama came after immigrants with a vengeance, assumably because the single most significant correlation anyone can come up with for the high rate of African-American unemployment is that non-natives often take a good number of the jobs that African Americans might otherwise have if there were fewer–or zero–non-natives to fill them, more significantly, at an even lower rate of pay. We are only talking about the rates of unemployment from 2008 to around 2013. Moreover, this assault on the non-native populations of the US has left many–too many?–chilly to the Democrats. If the Dems do not want to suffer an ignominious fate again–having already lost the Presidency to the Republicans back in 2001, squandering a popular incumbency–they need to spend the next two years garnering popularity at least approaching what it was for them during Obama’s first term. I do not see this happening–there have been too many fiascos, including the Secret Service’s theater-of-the-absurd last week. He can’t even protect himself. The horror; the horror.

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