Totalities are Totalitarian [Flash Fiction]

Any-man not every man, that is Any Man is who should speak here; we are too far removed from the Medieval Everyman. How is it that we do not see that this is true here, there and everywhere, thus of course the rhetorically preferable anywhere.

Bureaucracy is always pedantic and always impersonal. It only functions by totalities, never individualities, without exceptions. This management of totalities by totalities and for totalities is why Totalitarianism is a bureaucrat’s dream and every society that wants to remain free must free itself from any overarching bureaucratic control. This is of necessity in the ways there are natures for things of society.

Who is it that speaks these words, again, any man can, any woman can, whoever, wherever, whenever? This is the nature of the beast Government, the nature of the beasts who administer; administration of government being the like habitat for the common beast Bureaucrat

I know you have questions and would like to know more, that you crave more information, but this is all and this is not information, and perhaps you should be wary of information and how it is disseminated. All information is In Formation; everyone of the People in neat columns and rows of a new Public.


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