Pro-Choice is an Argument Broad and Variegated

Pro Choice is Pro Freedom; this is self-evident. The right to choose is a human right; this too is a truth undeniable, unless one wishes to argue in favor of tyranny, oppression and general inhumanity. Human Rights are Women’s Rights, universally and unilaterally. With respect for the self-evidency of the former truths, a woman’s rights include her inalienable right to choose.The right to choose is inclusive of her right to choose to have an abortion, her right to have unimpeded access to safe medical practice when an abortion is the choice. The right to choose is not exclusive of the abortion rights argument. The right to choose is a fundamental human right as alluded to above.

This basic right to choose includes the right for same sex partners to get married. Marriage is about love, not about breeding. Most who object to gay marriage do so on what grounds? Marriage is a husband and a wife? Why? Because a husband manages the brood of the breeder, in this case, the female, or the wife. The etymology of the word wife is from the anglo-saxon, and it means just that female. In fact, the word woman comes from the anglo-saxon, wif man, which meant female person. The anglo-saxon man meant what we mean by person. So, in marriage, a woman went from being a modified person to solely a breeder. The contractual agreement was in fact for her to give uo her personhood for the role of breeding a man’s brood. He in turn agrees to take care of the brood mare or brood female in turn for her producing offspring. I guess because gay men cannot gestate babies in their colons, the idea that they should be allowed to marry for love is obscene for many.

Is this what we want?

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