Everything works together toward one single idea here, and that a new anthropology is due. I understand that anthropos is ancient Greek for man and so anthropology is the study of Man; or, as we once held blanketly, all human beings. Our focus might have been cultural, ethnic, evolutionary; nonetheless, it was anthropology, and so, the study of man was the study of women too, at least anthropologically.  Yes, full circle in my locution. Anthropology, as it has been delineated as a discipline could also be the study of everything that could be put under the rubric heading of humanology. There then would be an anthropology for men and a feminology for women under the larger and all encompassing humanology.

Humanism is an idea. Humanism is a goal. Humanism is a tradition. I do not like the -ism. I prefer -ology; yes, I prefer humanology. Humanology rather than anthropology? We must, as fore stated, have feminology and anthropology as subsets to humanology. We already have gynecology. In medicine, the science of women or of woman is the science of the vagina and the human female reproductive system. Woman as cunt, pussy vagina–she is a womb, as we have been told time and again that women have been defined by their sex and sexuality; gay men too are defined in this way, sex and sexuality and sexual preference. Too limiting? What any of this has to do exactly with how this journal is written, or what this review presents, or intends to be, I am not going to say. I have my sense and I am going to leave it to sense and not to the explicitly stated.

But let me say now that humanism is not an anthropology, but an ethics, an aesthetics, a metaphysics, a history, a literary tradition, a politics. What has traditionally been called humanism has not been abandoned in these pages, and it is in its pages that this journal needs to be explored, looked at, looked over, looked through, looked for again and again. The writing requires attention; the superficial skimmer of pages will not succeed in negotiating the texts appropriately.

The Pages section contains the essays, themselves several pages or more on the topics therein exposed. Exposition seems to be an art reduced to a craft managed by the received ideas or the sound-bite mentality dominant in our media, even our print media, itself being reformed by social media. I persist in this in spite of my trepidations about social media . . . I wish it were otherwise, but what is, is. This is not going to change, so adapt I must. My expectations are not great although I can get excited by prospects that are not held under too much scrutiny, allowing for that free flow of enjoyment over possibilities that keeps many Americans hoping against hope–it’s not an American thing to hope against hope. It is just that it seems new to us, or that perhaps we live in a society better suited for people not to have to live with hope against hope.

Ma Plume et Mon Droit.

The Publishing-Editor/Author is JVR.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright JVR 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


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