Only the Mountains and Bureaucracy Last Forever

Obama’s argumentative postures aside, no one with any historical acumen can think the Nazis in Germany or the Fascists in Italy or Castro in Cuba got rid of all bureaucrats.  No totalitarian regime or coup d’etat by whatever petty dictator ever got rid of the bureaucrats that were working before the blow to state.  The horror of existence is the bureaucrats for Batista were the bureaucrats for Castro, those for Pinochet were there before and after Pinochet.  Talk to any administrator of any bureaucracy anywhere in America and you will see the same people who went from pushing papers for Weimar in the beginning of 1933 and the Nazis at Christmas time. The bureaucrats for Bush are the bureaucrats for Obama; the executives for Goldman Sachs are the administrators for Geithner; one did fly over the cuckoo’s nest . . .

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