Obama, O! Bankers, Again to their Gain (a reissue)


[A Reissue of an Older Critique of American Government]

Bureaucracy is not something apart from bureaucrats; that’s a sleight of hand bureaucrats perform more expertly than any dealer in a game of three-card-monty. Any magician would pay to perform with the straight face of your local bureaucrat, or our great and trusted President Obama.  The problem is no state can do without them; they can conform to any state.  President Obama seems able to conform to any rhetorical posture, a master demagogue, yet one without conviction–what did he vote for however few years he did serve on Capitol Hill; how has he handled the banks except by slapping wrists, and putting finance capitalists on the government dole, at the same time he and our governor and Mayor Bloomberg tell us that services need to be cut (this from a mayor who has filled city jobs with friends and family of friends and associates, a mayor whose personal wealth has grown nine times while in office, a mayor whose evasion of EEoC guidelines and federal laws for employment go unexamined by a press in New York in league with our former mayor–what do the owners of New York’s media and Mayor have in common other than their attachment to their billions–a concerted effort to hide Bloomberg’s legacy of Cronyism).

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