What we have become is the techo-bureaucratic state; each of us increasingly co-opted in the over-bureaucratization of American life.  This however is done in the name of serving freedom, of being the first in protecting our liberty; this is also present in the rhetoric of President Obama, whereby our great articulate leader shames us into accepting that if we do not help serve the state we are less than ourselves, we are not doing all that we should for each other; we are being selfish if we think state should do anything for the people as the people.  If we desire anything but to be one of the mule’s of state pulling anyone of the many bureaucratic carts for which we get our carrot, we are citizen pariahs. With his politicking and politique, with the policies he executes and endorses, he would not be a Democrat thirty years ago; he’d be a moderate Republican, or maybe not so moderate, and yes, he would fit in Reagan’s Republican party quite well.

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